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Why In-App Advertising Needs To Open Up To Competition

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Spas, Coronavirus, and the Dangers of Pseudoscience The coronavirus has people running scared, and fears leads to rash actions. While top medical professionals are doing everything they can to find a vaccine, others are throwing out unverified pseudoscience that they claim will make the disease go away in a

Snapchat Launches Instant Create for Advertisers

Snapchat wranging in those digital ad dollars. Snapchat, the multimessaging app founded by three former Stanford studentds Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown in 2011 announced the release of their Instant Create tools for advertisers on their blog. Snapchat has 203 million daily active users, creating over 3.5

How internet advertisers are reading your mind!

Author: | Categories: Definitions No comments Digital Advertising: Tracking the Trackers The Economist published an insightful video answering the question: how do internet advertisers read our minds? If you think about it, we are online  all the time. Every time we click, thousands of third party companies have the opportunity to harvest and make insights about

Pixalate RTB Global Seller Trust Index

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The first Programmatic Seller Trust Index by Pixalate Pixalate released the first ever real time bidding global seller trust index to rate and rank top digital advertising companies that sell online media. Buyers are often faced with many issues when purchasing impressions on ad exchanges such as fraud, wasted ad dollars,

Top Reasons Publishers Leave an Ad Network

Not all Ad Networks are created equal.. Behind digital ad network’s flashy website, promises of high CPMs, diverse programmatic advertiser demand, low payment threshold, 24/7 support and a slew of product offerings could lie a network that over-promises and under delivers. With so many different companies a publisher can choose to

Programmatic Advertising 101: Supply and Demand

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Programmatic buy side vs sell side  infographic What is Programmatic Advertising Supply? Supply in the world of Programmatic is in simplest terms the inventory that a publisher has available to monetize. Supply is the actual impression of the user that views an advertisement on a web page. There are

The Programmatic Creative: Solving the Achilles Heel of AdTech

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What is Programmatic Advertising and a Programmatic Creative? Programmatic advertising or more commonly known as Real Time Bidding  is the result of how digital advertising has evolved from it’s primordial days of buying blind inventory on one website and not having clear performance metrics, to an optimized and highly

Coca Cola Asian Upcycling Digital Ad Campaign

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Coca Cola, Asia – Coca Cola is raising awareness about upcycling it’s plastic bottles through its new Asian digital advertising campaign called “Coca-Cola 2nd Lives” Coke joined Oglivy and Mathther China, an international advertising firm to create sixteen custom utility caps that allows the bottles to be transformed into