How You Can Get Existing Leads To Do Your Email Marketing For You

How You Can Get Existing Leads To Do Your Email Marketing For You

It is a common belief that acquiring new customers is way harder than keeping your existing ones. The same is true for your existing leads and email marketing, so here is how you can get existing leads to do your email marketing for you.

#1 Getting Started

To get started with this strategy, you will first need to determine what kind of call to action (CTA) you will be using. You will probably want to use your CTA to encourage your leads to share your content, but the phrasing or wording you use is very important because it will influence how effective your CTA and all your actions related to it will be.

A simple button saying “Email to a Friend” or “Email to a Colleague” could do wonders for your content. The reason why such buttons can work quite well is that email is a form of social proof, so if your leads share your email or other content to their friends or colleagues, these friends and colleagues might become your direct leads at some point.

You can add such buttons either on your website or in your emails and then customize them into mailto links. Instead of using a regular hyperlink with https://, you will need to use a hyperlink with mailto in it. This will enable your site visitors or email recipients to click on the link and directly get a page with a new email they can compose and send.

#2 Email Validation

Email validation is an essential part of email marketing because it helps you rule out the email addresses that are not real. If you keep trying to deliver emails to non-existent or deleted email addresses, your email marketing performance metrics will be skewed because you will think that your open rate, for example, is low when it actually isn’t.

Once someone subscribes to your email list, you can send them a confirmation email with a link to validate their email address and confirm their subscription. Make sure to send them to a page with a message saying that they should check their email to complete this confirmation. Otherwise, they might miss the email (but we will talk about this later).

#3 Write Great Content

Great content goes a long way which is why it is so critical that you take time to create high-quality content for your emails. Every part of your emails is important, from the subject line to the intro to the body to the closing note, which is why it is crucial that you create emails keeping in mind all of their aspects and elements and being able to make them the best.

However, if you don’t have enough time for writing these emails yourself or even writing the content for your website, you can always use a professional writer who knows their job well and has enough experience to meet your needs and requirements. You can find writers on Best Writers Online, a rating service that lets you view what reputation writers have and compare them before making your choice.

#4 Thank-You Page

One of the places where you can place your “Email to a Friend” or “Email to a Colleague” button is the Thank-You page, also known as the Confirmation page. After someone fills out your form or subscribes to your newsletter, this is the page they should be sent to because you want to show that you are grateful for their subscription or form submission. At this point, people are usually more willing to do even more, so sharing content seems logical to them.

#5 Follow-Up Email

Another great place for putting your sharing button is the Follow-Up email, also known as the Auto-Response email. After they subscribed to your newsletter or submitted a form, send them an email saying that they are subscribed or that you got the form and will process it soon. You can also add some valuable information in such emails as well as a button for sharing your content.

#6 Marketing Emails

The last place to consider is your newsletter (or, alternatively, the marketing emails you send out). If your email campaigns are highly targeted to the specific segments of your audience, you will probably have a high open rate and such sharing buttons can be very useful because they will be “asking” your leads to share your content after you have provided your recipients with something valuable (e.g. content, discounts, etc.)

#7 Measure Results

As mentioned earlier, knowing how well your marketing campaign is performing is crucial for you to be able to understand which things should be changed and in which direction to make your strategy more effective. To know your performance, you should know how to measure your results, and he are some ways you can do this:

  • Include a tracking URL in the customized message you create in your mailto link. This will track how much traffic and leads your button with “Email to a Friend” or “Email to a Colleague” generates.
  • Use a URL shortening service like to track how many times people click on the link within your emails where you add those sharing buttons because you won’t always be able to use the same tracking method as you use for your site.

Final Thoughts

All in all, you can achieve outstanding results by following the tips outlined in this article and staying dedicated to your online marketing campaign. It will take time to get used to this new strategy, but it will be very useful for anyone using digital marketing to some extent.