Decibel Review

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The Decibel Trading Platform is a global premium audience network for advertisers and leading demand engine for publishers founded in 2013. Decibel monetizes a very large network of publishers in the electronic music and entertainment industry for both desktop and mobile inventory. Decibels platform enables brand to target electronic music enthusiasts on direct publishers and across the web through their audience network providing massive reach, value and ROI for advertisers.

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Key Features:

  • Quick and easy publisher onboarding process
  • Thoroughly vetted direct supply and demand. Ads are on-topic and of the highest quality.
  • Robust analytics and performance tracking
  • Support team with over a decade of experience
  • 100% fill rate – connected to over 20 DSPs and direct advertisers
  • Native passbacks – set price floors and continue to work with your existing native partners
  • Relevant native ads that look and match the context of your site

Decibel Native Ad’s Example:

With Decibel you have the ability to set floor prices and passbicks within their native widget. Many native networks don’t offer this functionality.

Decibel UI:

Decibel have a very slick and easy to use reporting/ad creation UI, making it easy to achieve optimal campaign and revenue performance. Many ad networks are a black box for payments, but decibel has a feature that shows your payments history, making it easy to manage your cash flow.