The True Value of a Security Alarm System

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Your business and your assets are valuable. If either are compromised or stolen, it can take months or years to recover. Time is money, and anytime your business can’t function it’s money you didn’t earn.

Just like we need to protect our identity and personal information, we also need to protect and secure our place of business or our home if this is where we work from.

When we leave work, we lock the doors and turn out the lights, and this would normally be enough to deter anyone who doesn’t belong, but thieves don’t think like you and I. A closed, locked door doesn’t mean No Entry, instead it may be an invitation to pick a lock, break a window or door or find an easy way inside.

Here’s the reason to invest in a Security Alarm system – to alert you if and when someone decides to make your property their own.

It can be simple and it doesn’t need to be expensive. A Security Alarm system will alert you and the authorities when someone makes entry and trips the alarm. The use of motion sensors, door and window sensors and a loud alarm will usually deter a brainless thief who’s looking for a quick opportunity. Secure your assets now so that you don’t lose them later. 

Simple or Sophisticated?

Choosing and having a Burglar Alarm Installation done can be fairly easy, or more complicated, depending on the type of response you need. We’ll take a quick look at the following types of alarms to give you an idea for what may work for you.

Local Security Alarms

Simple and less expensive. These systems are setup to trigger if a door or window is opened or compromised when the alarm is set. The sensors are set around each door and window that needs to be monitored. The alarm comes from the sensor itself, so no centralized monitoring is possible. The alarm also only sounds in the vicinity where the alarm resides – your business or home, and if you’re not there, no one hears the alarm go off.

Wired Security Alarms

These alarm systems are hard-wired throughout your business or home and typically have a central control panel where the system is set up and controlled. Wires are run from doors, entry points and windows, monitoring for unauthorized entry or motion, and wired to the central control panel. The alarm goes off at the panel and alerts you and/or a monitoring company with whom you have contracted security services. These systems are usually installed by professionals who are trained for wired, electronic security systems.

Wireless Security Alarms

Wireless systems ditch the physical wires and run in a similar way to a wired system. Easier to install, these security systems are also usually tied into a main controller but connected remotely via cellular or through WiFi to a security company who helps monitor the system and responds to alarms. 

Similar systems can also send alarms to your phone or other wireless devices when break-ins or unauthorized entry is detected.

Keep your business, home and assets safe. Having a Burglar Alarm Installation done helps provide the peace of mind we all need in today’s workplace.