Pixalate RTB Global Seller Trust Index

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Pixalate RTB Rankings

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The first Programmatic Seller Trust Index by Pixalate

Pixalate released the first ever real time bidding global seller trust index to rate and rank top digital advertising companies that sell online media. Buyers are often faced with many issues when purchasing impressions on ad exchanges such as fraud, wasted ad dollars, visibility, audience targeting and transparency.

Digital advertising (especially programmatic)  is an industry that is evolving every day with the need for a unified understanding and agreed upon standards to observe and measure the digital ecosystem.

Quote from the Pixalate Blog:

“We are pleased to announce the Global Seller Trust Index today as a significant step forward for our industry,” said Jalal Nasir, Pixalate Founder and CEO. “Trust is fundamental to the success of this market, and that calls for evaluation of sellers based on quality measures that go beyond traditional reach metrics.”

Pixalate uses it’s proprietary technology to analyze over 100 billion monthly ad impressions to rate companies on the factors: Network Score, Inventory Score, Viewability Score, Fraud Score, Masking and Engagement Score. There are over 400 active real time bidding sellers analyzed and the top 20 are released to the public each month.

Why do Ad Networks need to be ranked for quality?

Fraud is a plague that needs to be stopped for good in Digital Advertising.

Fighting Ad FraudFrighting Fraud Billboard in Midtown – Times Square, NYC

The Problem with Digital Advertising

This Anti-Fraud billboard posted in New York City captures it all. Click fraud, link baiting, domain obfuscation and bot traffic are just a few of the fraudulent tactics used to trick advertisers into spending their brand dollars on low quality ad inventory and ultimately damaging ROI. It is estimated Over 30% (probably more) are from robots on top of placements that the user never sees but are paid for by the advertiser.

The Internet is the hive mind of humanity, unimaginable vast and nearly impossible to regulate and measure every data point. Fraudsters have evolved and developed new methods every day to exploit the digital economy, ad networks, advertisers, website owners and anyone connected with any device to the world wide web.

Ad Exchanges buy and sell billions of impressions every day in an industry that is becoming exponentially more lucrative as demand to reach digital audiences grows tremendously each year. It has always been very easy for industry professionals to turn a blind eye to fraud within the ecosystem and even profit from questionable activities. Most of the time these fraudsters are never caught or can restart their operations under new aliases and partners.

Thank you, Pixalate.

Pixalate provided tremendous value to the industry by utilizing cutting edge adtech to analyze billions of impressions and set a set of standard for the industry to regularly be measured against.