10 Ways to Optimize Your Pinterest Page

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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks coming into 2021. Here are 10 tips on how to optimize your Pinterest page and ultimately drive more traffic from social.

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10 Ways to Optimize your Pinterest Page

1. Use a personal photo

Utilize your best headshot to really optimize your Pinterest page. While a logo of your brand will suffice, a photo of the founder, especially if they are the face of the company can be more effective. Would you trust a brand image or a real human?

2. Optimize the about section

The about section on Pinterest gives you the chance to win over a follower with 200 characters. Be sure to explain exactly who you are, what you offer and your products/services. Be aware of the keywords you are using and don’t be boring!

3. Fill out your Location

As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity among the other social giants, local search will become much more relevant. Add your city and state to the about section so your target audience can locate you easily. Remember to create boards and pins that apply to your local area.

4. Verify your profile

By verifying your Pinterest page to your website, your URL will become more visitor by placing a bold red check next to it with a clickable link. This will increase engagement, drive more traffic and overall boost your SEO.

5. Be Social

The point of a social network is to be social! Make sure you spend a lot of time engaging with your followers, pinning new content, repining other’s pins and build strong relationships with active users. The more you use Pinterest, the more followers you will attain. This tactic will be essential when you optimize your Pinterest page.

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6. Organize your boards

Lots of focused board’s (at least 24) help you position and create an identity for your brand. Be specific with your boards and curate pins in a creative way that makes you stand out. Users generally will not follow boards that are not unique. Provide organization and value!

7. Board Placement

Pinterest Heat maps reveal that the top 2 rows are where visitors tend to focus on when they land on your Pinterest page. Make sure your best pins make up your prime real estate.

8. Off beat pinning from your topic

Create boards on non-industry related topics like Food, Travel, Cards, Home and do it yourself (DIY) which are all very popular verticals within Pinterest. This strategy will help you gain additional followers and expand to an audience who may not find you from what you are regularly pinning.

9. Mix it up

A common mistake on Pinterest is to only pin your own content. Blatantly self-promoting, like on Reddit, is not an appropriate strategy and people will take note and stop engaging with you. Act organic and use Pinterest naturally by including a mix of your own pin and other pin.

10. Visualization

Pin a variety of content in many different forms. Use the highest quality, eye-catching colorful images. Mix up charts, graphs, video’s tutorial’s, pins, images and slideshare presentations.