Coca Cola Asian Upcycling Digital Ad Campaign

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Coca Cola, Asia – Coca Cola is raising awareness about upcycling it’s plastic bottles through its new Asian digital advertising campaign called “Coca-Cola 2nd Lives”

Coke joined Oglivy and Mathther China, an international advertising firm to create sixteen custom utility caps that allows the bottles to be transformed into valuable tools such as paintbrushes, lamps, pencil sharpeners and children toys. Coca cola has been under heavy scrutiny over the years for the sheer volume of plastic material it uses in it’s products and the resulting known impact to the environment. Coca cola has spend countless advertising dollars to educate the public on the benefits of recycling and how Coke is a very beneficial product especially for developing countries. Soda steam has been a leading antagonist to coca cola in exposing how bad the bottles really are and how their product is superior and does not damage the environment.

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