7 Instagram Marketing Tips For an Ecommerce Website

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7 Instagram Marketing Tips For an Ecommerce Website

Do you need Instagram Marketing Tips For an Ecommerce Website?Instagram is no doubt the most popular platform for marketing, but it is not easy to get recognized in it. Why?

It is a global platform where both local and international brands have already made their mark. They have captivated their audiences’ feed so much that it becomes very difficult for the other marketers to reach the trending section.

That being said, it is rare, but not impossible. In this article, I’ll be sharing seven Instagram marketing tips using which you can easily reach your potential audience and increase engagement on your ecommerce website.

Why Instagram? Why not Google?

Instagram is the ideal choice for emerging brands to get to the top charts quickly because it provides a much wider and faster approach to a huge chunk of the human population across the globe.

And if we talk about Google, even though it has a huge user base, you’ll find it very hard to reach its front page. It may take a year or more depending upon your advertisement to reach the first page of Google, but in the meantime, people may lose interest in your brand or product.

Therefore, it is more fruitful if you target social media for your ecommerce website. As there, you will get exposure to a wider audience much faster.

Tips For Ecommerce Website

1. Post Pics That Helps You Build Consistent Brand Image

I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘consistency is the key,’ it is very much applicable here on Instagram.

Now, how to maintain consistency in your Instagram posts?

Well, for starters, you can create images for your brand that have the same color scheme. You can take the example of the image down below –

1. Post Pics That Helps You Build Consistent Brand Image

Here you can see how McDonald has maintained the consistency in their post, and you can easily recognize it from their theme.

The other thing you need to take into account with consistency is timing. You must know when to target the customers based on their location and niche.


The reason is that on Instagram, you’ll find people from around the globe, and their preferences may differ. The peak hours will also differ as to the geographical locations, so you have to take care of that too.

Now, you may be wondering how to post according to different timelines and be active 24/7?

You don’t have to stay awake and do it yourself. You can take the help of a social media marketing tool. There are many tools available on the Internet, such as Socinator, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, etc.

You can take the help of any of the above mentioned marketing tools and schedule your content to be posted on a specific date and time. It will help you reach all the audiences easily without doing any extra leg work.

2. Engage Audience With The Help Of Inspirational Posts.

Instagram is very popular for the beautiful pics and inspirational quotes that people share with one another. You can do the same to target audiences that fall under your niche.

Simply posting a pic that you have taken from your mobile phone won’t work; you have to get creative. The pic you are going to post must attract people’s attention, so you must include beautiful scenery or an inspirational quote in it.

Once the post is live, you can also interact with the audiences in the comment section. Doing so, they will feel a personal connection to your brand and also see that you are active on the platform.

3. Bio!

Instagram’s bio is very important. The words are limited here, so you have to use them carefully and economically. Tell your audience who you are and what your brand represents, but do it in an eye-catchy and in a sassy way.

You can also include CTA’s and links to your ecommerce website and also to social media profiles, whichever you feel comfortable sharing. But, it is better to add your website link with the bio as it’ll make your business look more authentic and genuine.

4. UGC or User Generated Content

User-Generated Content is a big hit on social media. The reason behind their success is that people like to see the audience connecting with a brand and sharing their real-life pics rather than a staged one. Authentic content makes people think that the brand is loved by everyone, and it will surely be good.

How to do it?

Well, you can watch out for people sharing posts with your brands/products. Or you can also interact with your audience and ask them to share their pics featuring your product. This way, your audience will feel special, and they will be happy to see their face on the company’s page, which creates good sentiment.

5. Behind The Scenes (BTS)

5. Behind The Scenes (BTS)

The next on Instagram marketing tips we have is, behind the scene posts. These posts are also a great way to demonstrate the authenticity that I mentioned above. Show the audience what goes behind the factory or a warehouse or an office. It is a great way to show what really happens inside your production building.

6. Use Hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram are a big hit. Everyone adds them to their post, and Instagram uses these hashtags to show you the result when you search for something. Rather than keywords, Instagram uses hashtags to search the relevant content.

Therefore, hashtags are a great way to increase business engagement. You could incorporate different hashtags related to your brand or product in your posts.

7. Cross Promotion & Shoutouts

You have to be smart with your promotions. Collaborate with other brands and do a shoutout. Create arrangements with other brands that fall under your niche and reach out to them for a collaboration.

Ask them to share your products, and you’ll do the same. This way, you both will be able to take advantage of each other’s engagement and increase your fan-base.


Everyone thinks that Instagram is all about uploading a few cool pics, adding some trendy hashtags, or featuring an Instagram model with your product, but that’s not it. There is much more on Instagram.

Use the seven Instagram marketing tips mentioned above, and jumpstart engagement on your ecommerce website with ease. Add a cool bio with links, make use of hashtags, collaborate with brands that have high engagement, and, most importantly, show them what happens behind the curtain.

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