8 Tricks to Get Customers to Open Up Marketing Emails

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Email marketing can be a great way to help gain new customers and boost revenue from existing customers. However, just like any other industry, it’s constantly evolving. You need to stay innovative with your tactics to ensure a great return on your time investment. Fortunately, we’re going to share with you eight great tricks you can utilize to get customers to open up your marketing emails.

1- Personalized Subject Line

One effective strategy to grab the attention of the recipient is to put their name in the subject line. This personalization veers away from the normal advertising subject line and helps the reader feel more important. Be sure to include their name in the first few words, as many email services will only show a portion of an email’s subject line.

2- Celebrate Events

Special events tend to draw the attention of most readers and have them wanting more. Whether it’s their birthday or a known holiday, adding that information to the subject line can be enticing. Most readers will feel compelled to open the email because it’s different than what they’re used to when it comes to traditional marketing emails.

3- Be Optimal With Sending Times

It’s not uncommon to think that the time of day you send out an email won’t have a very big impact on whether it gets opened. That’s not always the case. By sending emails at opportune times when readers aren’t overly busy, they’re more likely to spend their free time opening your emails. Try around noon and eight at night.

4- Customize the From Name

The name that an email is sent from can have a very large impact on whether or not a reader opens it. You want to choose a sender name that can be easily recognized as being your business. Branding is an absolute necessity. Only use your personalized name if you offer personalized services.

5- Optimize Your From Email Address

The email address that a message is sent from is a big aspect of trust for the reader. If they recognize the email address as being from your business, then they’re more likely to open it than if the email address is your old Yahoo account. Be specific with choosing an email address that is verifiable and makes sense for your business.

6- Consider Opening with a Question

Intriguing a reader is the key to getting them to open up your marketing emails. Take some time to come up with a question that will spark their interest in the product or service that you’re trying to sell.

7- Make Sure They’re Mobile-Friendly

If you’ve ever opened up an email on a computer and then your phone, it’s clear that there is a big difference in the format of both. When you’re sending marketing emails to your list, ensure that you’re sending mobile-friendly email formats, as most readers will be reading your messages on a mobile device.

8- Be Consistent

You don’t just want to send an email here and there. Instead, be consistent with when you send your marketing emails. Readers may be more intrigued to open your messages when they become more familiar with your email address coming into their inbox regularly.