Canon’s Power shot Sx420 Is the Ideal Camera for Spring

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After what felt like the longest winter – snow in April, anyone? – Springtime has finally arrived. The beginning of spring is easily my favorite time of year, and with the vibrant colors and stunning trees, flowers and plant life in bloom, there’s no better time to grab one of Canon’s digital cameras and capture the scenes around you. browse this site

If you’re looking to take photos of the changes in nature up close – but want to avoid carrying around a heavy lens that comes with many other cameras – the new PowerShot SX420 IS is ideal for you. The camera’s 42x Optical Zoom lens reaches all the way from 24 mm to 1000mm. This distance is ideal for capturing details in nature from far away, or for getting a good shot of someone performing on stage – without having to be sitting in the front row. In addition, the camera’s 24 mm wide-angle lens works well for a variety of types of photos, whether it be of a breathtaking outdoor landscape, or large family portrait shot. You also don’t have to be a brilliant photographer in order for this camera to work for you: the Optical Image Stabilizer enables your photos to be as clear as possible, regardless of where you happen to be shooting from.

Canon PowerShot SX420 IS

We’ve likely all been in a situation – at a large concert, family recital, or other type of performance – where we’re compelled to excitedly take a video in the moment, only to watch it later and find the number of shaking renders it basically unwatchable. The PowerShot’s Dynamic IS and Powered IS are just some of its features that effectively counter this problem. The Dynamic IS assists with taking videos at wide-angle focal lengths – reducing the shaking that can happen when you are taking a video while walking. The Powered IS works to make up for our natural hand movements that occur while taking a video at the telephoto end of the zoom range. visit

This PowerShot also has built-in Wi-Fi technology, which is becoming an absolute necessity in today’s social media age. Whether you’re partaking in a new adventurous activity with friends, or simply enjoying a beautiful springtime day, today’s vast array of social media platforms allows for us to document and share all of the moments we want to remember. Canon’s image GATEWAY allows you to post these snaps directly onto your Facebook page, Twitter account or other form of social media – or, alternatively, store them on an online photo album to share later on. Additionally, the camera also connects to both iOS and Android devices, which saves you the additional step of having to upload your pictures onto a computer first. further reading