How Beneficial is YouTube for Brand Marketing?

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Videos have essentially become a necessity for people to consume information in the online world today, with business-consumer dynamics making a significant shift to more digitally-driven resources. Everyone relies on the internet to find information about a particular brand or business. 

Utilizing an online tutorial to cook a recipe or how to move through a complex program are great examples of how people have contributed to making YouTube the largest and most popular video-sharing site. YouTube is also one that you will now see pop up frequently in your search engine when you search for almost anything, showing us all that YouTube provides more than just entertainment. 

With people constantly searching for video explanations about a produce or service, millions of channels on the site are created by individual brands to promote their businesses. They have adapted to the dynamic change in the way consumers shop.

If you want to improve your business within its online presence or create a stronger connection to your customers, YouTube is a perfect option. Utilizing this video-based network has many benefits that can help with marketing your brand and paving the way for more success. 

Search Engine Optimization

One major contribution that having a YouTube channel can help with is through SEO, which can be challenging to figure out at first. YouTube helps make it much more manageable. Your company has the power to use the correct phrases and tags within each video to potentially land on top of the Google search results since it indexes every video on YouTube about each search typed in.

Once you optimize your video with links, your brand can show up multiple times within the same search results. Having such robust search engine optimization gives your brand the best chance of attracting new and prospective customers. 


With the majority of humans having reasonably short attention spans in this internet-driven society, marketing with videos is one of the best ways to attract the attention of your target audience. Not to mention, YouTube’s user base is massive, to begin with, having over 2 billion monthly users across the world.

Our brains tend to be more receptive to seeing something visually rather than just reading words on a page. A study of the human brain found that fifty percent is devoted to vision and processing visual information. It automatically shifts attention to something that is moving or new within an environment. 

Boosts Brand Awareness

YouTube videos can stay on your channel permanently, so you have the opportunity to reach new audiences consistently. The better your video performs through SEO and proper keywords tagging (especially within the titles), the easier people can stumble across your videos. 

You also have the option to add overlays to your video that promote your channel further. You should also aim to continually promote your company or business website within your channel on every video because this will drive more traffic to your actual site. 

Increases Brand Credibility

Trust is the most crucial aspect of any business to help drive sales and the essential asset used for marketing. People don’t tend to trust companies just because they find them on the internet. They typically will spend time researching and looking at reviews before making their final decision to purchase your product or service. 

Having a face online with videos is one of the best ways to build that trust with your potential customers. Attaching a face to the brand gives a more relatable aspect to your business and adds an extra element of ‘social proof,’ which provides consumers with satisfaction. A whopping fifty-seven percent of consumers say they feel more confident in a purchase from watching company videos.

Marketing Insights

YouTube is an excellent source for advertising and marketing in that it allows your business to utilize analytics on each video’s performance. You will want to have a link shortener dedicated to YouTube exclusively since you can check multiple things to help further monetize your channel. Such data will include the number of views for each video, audience demographics, and how users find you. 

With all this data and your link shortener to help you organize across your YouTube channel, you can compile the information easily. Once you have a system set to develop and view all of these analytics, you can quickly improve your marketing services and create campaigns that will help optimize videos for the future to be more effective. 

Effectively Build and Connect To Your Audience

Providing valuable, engaging video content is a great way to build an audience on your YouTube channel. You have the option to embed a sign-up form directly within your videos as well, which can assist with driving those watching to your website or an email list. Having an email list is a crucial step in connecting to your audience and giving them another method of getting to know your business. Using these tools that YouTube can provide will help leverage you to connect to your audience in other ways. 

Videos aim to provide a more personal touch to your brand.  The payoff then develops more conversions from your audience. Subscribers can also get “VIP” only access to content that you distribute just for them, which means the general public can’t view those private YouTube videos, only those within your email list or that are members of your business website. 

Creating that intimacy and experience gives your clients the feeling that they are more exclusive, putting more trust and loyalty in your brand. You can use those more private in many ways, such as to market upcoming products or services or give them an “inside look” into your facilities, for example.

YouTube is one of the best tools that you can use to take your marketing strategy to a higher level. If you aren’t utilizing it for your brand yet, you need to start as soon as possible. Building your brand presence on this massive video-sharing platform is an excellent and essential way to help target your ideal audience with successful marketing campaigns that convert.