10 Most Annoying People on Facebook

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Facebook is a very powerful platform to share your life with the world but like in real life, people can be annoying, on the internet. Not everything is meant to be shared, even though it is. Vouchers.co.uk created a survey of 1063 participants that shows who the most annoying types of people are on Facebook:
Most annoying people on Facebook

Infographic Summary

1. The Update Addict

Topping the list with 19.1% of people classing them as the most annoying facebook users, nobody likes a user who updates their status every 10 seconds. Update addicts are unfollowed at a very high rate.

2. The Boasting Traveler

“Look, I’m on a tropical island while you are sitting behind your desk mashing your keyboard away at a job you hate!” This is how many feel when they see those annoying pics of their friends vacationing. 15.8% of people have absolutely no interest in these types of updates.

3. The Facebook baby Bore

Everyone believes THEIR baby is the cutest little creature to ever set foot on the planet. 10 new pictures a day of your new child is not necessary, every baby grows up and becomes a pimply faced teenager with an attitude!

4. The Wannabe Master Chef

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay to take a keen interest in your own culinary creations. Every meal you make is probably not facebook worthy and some may even make your friends stomachs churn.

5. The Candy Crush Pest

Pretty straight forward and definitely annoying getting 100 candy crush requests a week. Does anyone even play candy crush anymore?

6. The Long Lost Friend

Remember that friend you played with in Kindergarten and then never spoke to again? Well they are on Facebook and looking to rekindle the friendship, What’s better then awkwardly having someone you used to play building blocks with stalking your life in adulthood?

7. The Professional Arguer

Sure, Facebook is a great place to raise awareness and voice your right to free speech, but what about the guy who probably doesn’t have a job and is in strong opposition to EVERYTHING? We don’t like him or his outrageous arguements.

8. The Shameless Self Promoter

“Come to my event”, “buy something from my shop” ,”listen to my new song” “like my page about cats” A little self promotion is not bad but when you only self promote, you are just plain annoying.

9. The Exaggerator

If you are prone to bending the truth on many occasions then Facebook probably is not the ideal place for you to be posting your lies. Most people experience negative emotions when seeing an people exaggerate their lives and it can be pretty obvious.

10. The Loved up Couple

We get it, you two have been in love for 10 years and are a fairy tale romance story that it would be a sin for everyone not to observe. We are happy for you but stop making everyone else who longs for a relationship depressed!

Keep it simple and fun on Facebook, don’t be one of these 10 annoying people!