How to Create a LinkedIn Advertising Account

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LinkedIn is the largest professional social media network in the world, with over 700 million members from more than 200 countries. As a result, the platform is highly competitive in terms of getting in front of a vastly qualified audience of professionals and skilled executives across different sectors.

Luckily, LinkedIn has a Campaign Manager feature that provides its users with a range of friendly tools to help them reach their target audiences. In order to advertise on this platform, you’ll have to create a LinkedIn account using the Campaign Manager feature.

Today, I’ll show you how to create a LinkedIn advertising account in a few straightforward steps. So let’s dive in to discover more.

The first task you need to accomplish is to set up your LinkedIn Campaign manager. To set up this feature, navigate to the top right-hand side corner and press the Work button. From there, you’ve got several options to choose from on the Visit More LinkedIn products page.

The procedure is the same for new and existing LinkedIn users; however, new advertisers will need to open LinkedIn accounts first.

Step Two: Click on the Advertise Button

The first option is to simply press or click the Advertise button in the drop-down menu. This button will direct you to the Campaign Manager page that requires you to choose an account name and enter the page title or URL of the website you want to associate your new account with, and then choose your currency. Ensure your website has a LinkedIn insight tag to help you retarget your visitors and optimise your advertising campaigns.

Step Three: Agree and Create an Account

Once you’re ready, press the Agree and Create account button, and it’ll trigger a page where you can start your first LinkedIn advertising campaign. If you’re an existing manager, you’ll access the summary of all your accounts. But if you’re new, you’ll need to press the Create Account button from the top left-hand side corner.

Step Four: Add Billing Information

Before launching any advertising campaigns, you’ll have to configure your favourite billing option first. Click on the account name to choose your billing option from the Billing Centre. While there, select the Add Credit Card option and fill in all the fields available. Press the Review Order button so that the platform can approve your billing option of choice.