Revolutionizing Home Entertainment with ZTE Set Top Box

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ZTE recently launched two new products – a 4K Media Gateway STB (set-top box) and a DVB (digital video broadcasting) STB for Android TV devices – that revolutionize how we access and enjoy media in residential and business settings. ZTE collaborated with Amlogic, developing a chipset to create a high-performance system.

Below, we’ll dive into some of the features, benefits and advancements you can expect from ZTE set top box, along with some innovations in home entertainment from ZTE.

Features and Benefits of the 4K Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Media Gateway STB

The 4K Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Media Gateway STB helps solve several home internet and entertainment needs, with potential applications extending beyond the home. ZTE designed the product for users who want the ultimate entertainment experience, including superior graphics and fast streaming rates, and is ideal for film and TV enthusiasts and serious gamers.

The STB utilizes a chipset inspired by Amlogic’s quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 architecture and features a 64-bit CPU and a 3+2-core GPU. It works with Android TV systems. It allows users to connect to various apps and media to enhance their home entertainment experience. Users can enjoy their favorite films and series in 4K UHD HDR with AV1 decoding and stream rates. The core can also handle live-action sports and video game refresh rates.

This ZTE set top box also features Wi-Fi 6 compatibility and 2.4G/5G Hz dual-band Wi-Fi speeds. Wi-Fi 6 was developed with the connected household in mind. Users no longer have one or two internet-connected computers in their homes. Instead, they have appliances, devices, televisions and more, all pulling from the home’s Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 6 can handle all of your connected devices while still delivering the speeds you need for everything to run smoothly. The STB also features a WAN uplink and five built-in antennas. EasyMesh technology further enhances your Wi-Fi experience. You no longer have to worry about dead zones within your house and can even access the internet from your yard.

ZTE’s STB is compatible with Chromecast and OK Google. With a built-in Chromecast, you’ll have no trouble streaming media directly to your TV from your phone. The included smart remote comes equipped with OK Google. With this voice assistant, you can find media and apps and get recommendations based on your preferences. You can even control other smart devices straight from the remote.

Advancements in the DVB STB with Far-Field Voice  

ZTE’s DVB STB with Far-Field Voice is an innovative combination of a smart speaker and set top box that enhances your streaming experience along with allowing you to control other smart devices throughout your home. ZTE also worked with Amlogic for this product, using the brand’s SoC (system on chip) technology. It is designed to work with Android TV devices.

The product features far-field voice technology, limiting the need for a remote. The technology features a dual-mic system, which isolates your voice commands from other noise in the home and can hear you at distances of up to five meters. The STB supports English and several other common languages. It comes equipped with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 CPU and 1G of RAM and supports AV1 and HVEC decoding. It also has dual speakers for superior sound quality when used as a speaker.

The ZXV10 S200A STB revolutionizes your smart home experiences by serving as both a set top box and smart assistant. It allows you to stream all of your favorite media and gaming at 4KP60 UHD with high refresh rates. Bluetooth capabilities allow you to connect to smart remotes and other devices. It’s also environmentally conscious as it consumes less power.

The Future of Home Entertainment with ZTE  

ZTE’s products, including the STB, are designed with the future of home entertainment and the IoT in mind. ZTE developers not only consider how to maximize the potential of our current technology – they also design products that are future-ready. The brand’s STB has superior graphic and refresh-rate capabilities. Users get the best possible experience at the moment, and the device is primed to handle what is to come, like more advanced gaming experiences.

As an increasing amount of appliances and other products join the IoT, ZTE’s products like the STB with far-field voice capabilities ensure that your home is ready to integrate a variety of smart products. Its high-speed router and gateway enable it to handle a large number of products at one time. CloudMesh technology provides coverage for all corners of your home.

ZTE’s STB products also have applications beyond the home. Businesses that need streaming media will also find these products useful. For example, hospitals have TV sets in every room. An STB with streaming media will be a welcome addition with patients. Voice command capabilities also make it possible for immobile patients to choose their media independently.

Other industries will also benefit from these products. Hotels, restaurants, gyms and doctor’s offices are a few more examples of businesses that use streaming media throughout the day. These businesses will be able to provide patrons high-speed streaming media and use the CloudMesh technology to ensure that there are no dead zones in their service areas. ZTE’s products will continue to keep businesses at the forefront of streaming technology.

The ZTE set top box offers an innovative and high-quality home entertainment and smart home experience. It’s high-performance router, gateway and CloudMesh technology allow for fast streaming rates and 4K picture quality. Advancements like far-field voice technology make it easy for you to integrate smart home capabilities into daily life.