How to develop a mobile app?

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Mobile apps are the means for a business to communicate with a customer directly. It helps the company present the solution to the customers in the most direct, personal way. It is the new and best way to market one’s business as it will surely reach the consumer and intrigue their interests. In-app purchases, special offers available on the app, and other such features help companies and consumers interact directly and are a better form of advertising than posters, banners, etc. Every industry now uses a mobile app to help the general population and create loyal customers for themselves. Such initiatives range from small-scale businesses like local shops and restaurants to significant healthcare, manufacturing, etc. 

But developing a mobile app can feel like rocket science to some. The businesses may not know why they need an app or what they may present through the app. But that can all be solved by just following a few steps to understand the needs and launch a new app. 

Step 1. Recognize a problem and create a solution. 

So, the first significant question businesses might have been why do they need an app. But the most straightforward answer to that is to solve a problem and do it so well that those people become loyal customers. So, the next question might be-which problem? Problems are everywhere. Everyone is trying to find a solution to their problem, and just a simple survey will help answer the question. With the problem identified, finding the solution is only the rest of the way. 

Step 2. Identify the population that faces the problem.

Following the similar approach of the survey or a simple keyword search of the problem will help analyze how many people are looking for a solution to the problem. The Google search will also help to understand if the probable explanation thought of already exists. There is no need to be disheartened if it exists, as it can always be modified and made better. It all depends on if the solution adds significant value to the consumer. Also, this step will help analyze the target audience and understanding their demographic. It helps add extra features, special discounts, specific information, etc., to the app in the future. 

Step 3. Add and Remove features.

With understanding the problem and solution comes the responsibility of actually making the app. The first thing to consider is to create a draft outline of how the app will look and feel. It can all be done with the good old pen and paper, or you can use a wireframing tool to validate the ideas more. In this step, add all features that might be necessary for using the app and liking it. Then revise to delete few features which can be added later on and may not be necessary for using the app in the first place. The correct addition and removal of features will help keep the price lower when developing the app initially. 

Step 4. Design.

A lot of businesses overlook this step though it is one of the most important. A lot of times, users use an app just because they like its aesthetic. Unfortunately, many go wrong in this step and just want to add features and make it usable. Designing the app is as important as developing it and, if done right, can score extra points. But if things start getting complicated at this point, then there are many app developers for hire. They lay out the entire UI/UX design and help develop essential features for the app hassle-free for any business. 

Step 5. Launch the app

Once the app has been created, create an account on any play store; the app will be released as an individual or a company. Then it will be ready to be released. As soon as the app is removed, the initial feedback is essential as it helps the app become better by incorporating them. From then on, it’s just trial and error introducing new features, testing them, adding or removing previous parts and new ones. 


These steps are not ultimate and can be used as a simple guideline to understanding what it takes to make an app. It’s indeed not rocket science! Or you can visit to cut yourself some slack and employ the best-in-class app developers.