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Revcontent Updates

Revcontent, the world’s fastest growing and one of the most trusted native advertising platforms with over 100 billion content recommendations per month continues to pioneer their way through the explosive Wild West of the native advertising ecosystem by making big and strategic moves. Recently, two major announcements were made via the Revcontent blog:

The hiring of Rick Landsman as CTO

Rick Landsman

Landsman is a true Genius and visionary. Rick was destined for Success after Achieving a 4.0 GPA at the United States Air Force Super-Secret Cryptographic Design School as he built voice and data encryption technologies. He holds 15 patents that have shaped the digital advertising ecosystem. 13 of those are for intelligent agent-based advertising delivery systems and 2 for anonymous mobile device fingerprinting. Purely Amazing.

Before jumping on board with Revcontent, Rick has co-founded and participated in building two Internet AdTech companies from scratch, Unicast Communications Corporation and Ringleader Digital Corporation. Aside from that he held high level positions at some of the most prominent adtech forces in the industry such as [X+1] and Rocket fuel.

Rick explains “I chose to come to Revcontent because it provides unique opportunities to deliver native advertising that provides a win-win-win for advertisers, publishers, as well as users. Revcontent is poised to deliver entirely new kinds of user experiences that are reminiscent of the early days of the Internet when I was at BBN, where much of the technology still powering today’s Internet was first invented.”

Patent Pending Widget Optimizer

Revcontent Experience
Revcontent has always put their partners first. After taking much feedback from their customer base, they have continued to innovate upon Revcontent v2 by releasing their patent-pending widget optimizer, a first of its kind in the industry. This further will customize the user experience by allowing publishers to add or remove specific widgets from boosts which resulting in higher CTRs, longer browsing sessions and ultimately sky high RPMs. Removing native ads that users will not engage with lowers bounce rates and increases page views per session which is good for SEO.

DigitalAdBlog will follow Revcontent closely as they continue their exponential growth.

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