Optimalya – The First Native SSP

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What is Optimalya?

On a high level, publishers optimize their revenue by opening up their ad placements to various monetization networks.

With the rise of native advertising, there is a need for a unified tool where publishers can optimize multiple content reccomendation native partners, where clicks are the most important factor in revenue generation. Right now most publishers have to pick and choose between several native networks that have very similar or identical offerings without knowing how much revenue they can generate and sustain.

Since native advertising is a “relatively” new strategy the majority of large publishers are adopting, most technology providers have not quite caught up with the needs of the evolving marketplace.

Optimalya is the world’s first supply side platform for content recommendation. Now, publishers finally can get recommendations from multiple content reccomendation networks. (see a list here of the most popular native networks)

The Integration is simple and works across both desktop and mobile platforms. Optimalya calls it the i (content Supply side platform)

Executive Team:

  • Tomer Treves, CEOCo-founded Optimalya out of a real need of fellow publishers. With over a decade in the online advertising industry in leading roles, including CEO of Adnimation and CMO and Infolinks, he brings extensive experience and understanding of the market.
  • Maor Davidovich, COO  – With executive positions in leading publishers like Zap and JPost in his resume, you may think that our co-founder Maor has forgotten what it means to be hands-on. But by running Optimalya’s ins and outs, he proves us all just how valuable his knowledge, expertise and smile can be.
  • Kostya Volkov, CTO – People say that Kostya is an outstanding programmer. Well, with 20 years of successful experience in Java, C++, C#, Objective-C, Html4 and Asp.net, he’d better be. Since 2005, he is also the CEO and leader of Eventsoft.