Exogroup Ramps up It’s Investment in AdSecure

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Barcelona, 12 March 2019. EXOGROUP, the digital technology enterprise business group, today announced it is making a further significant investment in its online ad verification technology company AdSecure. AdSecure was launched in 2017 to provide ad networks and publishers with ad scanning technology to ensure safe, compliant and malware free ad delivery.

further investment of 1 million euros will be used to build more features for
the AdSecure platform, grow the existing team and invest in marketing and sales
strategies to continue to grow AdSecure’s business.

CEO and Founder Benjamin Fonzé commented, “Ad networks and Publishers face many
challenges in today’s market. It is of paramount importance that the end user
is protected from cybercriminal activity. AdSecure is constantly developing new
AI technologies that intercept any suspicious activity hidden deep within
online ad formats, be it in the creatives, ad formats or advertiser landing

impact of malicious attacks on end users can have negative effects on business
growth, profit and customer confidence. It’s important that businesses have the
tools available to stop end users being exploited by unscrupulous people who
are looking for any opportunity to steal or misuse personal and confidential
information as well as hijacking a users devices for malicious means.”

of Internet users prefer an ad-supported free Internet therefore it is the duty
of all platforms to ensure that those users are fully protected. Our further
investment in AdSecure is EXOGROUPs commitment to keeping the internet safe for
all users.”

currently offers a comprehensive range of features that ad networks and
publishers can utilise including:

: Crawler technology that automatically scans ad tags, smart
links, landing pages, programmatic RTB campaigns and native ads.

automated platform
: Easy integration with our powerful API.

: Ensuring ads are compliant with client guidelines with
extensive detection coverage.

Protection from cloaking practices and using behavioral targeting techniques,
checking from multiple browsers, devices and locations including residential
and mobile carrier IPs to ensure compliant ad delivery and advertiser landing

detection notifications
: Whenever a violation is detected, AdSecure
generates real-time notification alerts via a callback url or email. The
notification provides advanced reports with forensic grade information and

: Access every single report, regardless of the detection
outcome, allowing a deeper level of forensic analysis thanks to the complete ad
redirection chain provided.

: Real-time response feature applied to AdSecure’s historical
dataset allowing malicious domain blocking.

: Monitor the horsepower of ads to stop SEO penalisation from
slow ads, and regain control of website performance

further information visit https://www.adsecure.com