The Surprising Role of Copper in Green Energy Solutions

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Large bobbin of orange copper wire in light warehouse

Copper is the metal of tomorrow —- the leader in the sustainable energy revolution.

As humans, we love copper and have used it in so many different applications for thousands of years. Today, it can be found in our power grid, plumbing, electronics, transportation, construction, cookware, coins, and more.

But its power doesn’t stop there.

Copper’s superior qualities allow it to be used in various ways to meet the need for clean energy. It will undoubtedly play a significant role in the future of renewable energy.

The Need For Metal in Green Energy

We have known for decades that the way we currently harness our energy needs to change before we cause even more damage to the world around us. Many researchers and engineers have worked hard to come up with the best, most reliable options for the future of sustainable energy.

Wind, solar, hydro, and battery are all solutions that create efficient yet environmentally friendly energy to minimize greenhouse gases and emissions. They have all proven themselves.

So, what’s the problem? Finding the right metal. Many have been tried, such as vanadium, nickel, lithium, graphite, and aluminum, but they don’t have what it takes. Copper, however, is a different story.

Copper’s properties are unmatched when it comes to filling in as a solution for turbines, solar technology, and energy storage. It is even highly effective in electric cars, too. It may just be the perfect solution.

What Makes Copper Ideal for Renewable Energy?

Copper boasts many properties that make it the metal of choice for carrying us into the world of sustainable energy. Below is a closer look at what these properties are and how they fit in with green energy.

Conductive. Copper is conductive which makes it great for moving or carrying heat and electricity. This is because its makeup allows the free movement of electrons throughout the metal.

Ductile. Copper can easily be manipulated to fit in any application as it can be bent and twisted into all sorts of shapes. What’s more, it can be used as sheets of metal or as wires to effectively handle the task at hand.

Efficient. Copper can get its job done using less metal than others would require with the same amount of efficiency. This means using fewer resources to get the same outcome.

Recyclable. Perhaps one of the best qualities of copper is that it is 100% recyclable. Copper can be used time and time again without losing any of its properties as it is renewed. This is perfect for a metal that is going to lead the way for cleaner, sustainable energy.

Copper is the Future

As copper becomes more valuable, the demand for it is going to increase. Every year we tend to use about 28 million tonnes of the metal worldwide. Since it is the metal driving the renewable energy of tomorrow, there isn’t any sign of this demand slowing down.

Because it is such a vital component, sustainable energy systems will use up more copper than traditional power systems. Finding new ways to meet the demand for copper may be a bigger challenge than creating green energy.

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