Epoch Times Banned From Advertising on Facebook

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Epoch Times Banned From Advertising on Facebook

A major television news network reports that the conservative Epoch Times, reputed to be the mouthpiece for president Donald Trump’s reelection in 2020, has been banned from purchasing any more advertising on Facebook.

This action on the part of the social media monolith comes at a time when advertising revenue from the conservative reporting site has reached millions of dollars — making it one of the largest revenue sources for Facebook in the past five years. A Facebook spokesperson told reporters that the reason for the ban stems from the site’s blatant attempts to circumvent the recent transparency rules for political activity that Facebook insists will eliminate much of the fake news influence peddling that has bedeviled the company for the past two years. 

Political reporters estimate that The Epoch Times has paid Facebook in excess of two million dollars during the past ten months in advertising revenue for ads in support of the Trump administration and to promote a series of conspiracy speculations that the Trump administration has been pushing on other social media such as Twitter and various blog sites. This infraction of Facebook policy did not seem to bother the company, or anyone else, until reporters began mentioning the apparent violation in media stories last month. If you’re still wondering how can a digital marketing agency help businesses, this is a prime example.

Without admitting they were giving in to pressure, Facebook this week closed down all of The Epoch Times advertising accounts — effectively ending its presence on Facebook. This was not as simple and straightforward as it might appear; according to Ads and Linkedin followers media industry experts The Epoch Times is still attempting to continue to run conservative and conspiracy theory agenda-based ads on Facebook.

They are doing this through its parent organization, the Falun Gong — a quasi-religious Chinese group that is giving the Trump administration clandestine support in the tariff war in the hopes of crippling the current regime in Beijing. But Facebook censors have put a stop to Falun Gong ads as well, in the hopes of muting critics who say the company is only giving lip service to its own transparency policies.