How to Create Captivating Instagram Videos

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The impact of Instagram is boundless. Video content marketing on Instagram, moreover, is an excellent way to leverage Instagram in the best way possible. Video marketing on Instagram offers some of the most phenomenal benefits, starting from boosting your page engagement, enhancing your visibility both online and offline, and even essentially advertising your services and products.

An Instagram statistic report suggests that video content on Instagram gets more attention than any other form of content and due to which 58% of marketers use Instagram videos. This only suggests just how impactful Instagram videos can be for your business. Here is a complete guide to creating compelling Instagram videos. 

Why is Video Marketing Crucial? 

Video has continued to stay in the limelight for a while now. Advertisers across the globe have been utilizing video marketing strategies in their advertising plans for boosting sales. Presently, advertisers can upload videos on Instagram of lengths between 3 seconds to 60 seconds.

In a digitally-equipped world like today’s, video is gaining peak popularity due to its ability to appeal to the audience maximally. Several statistics have proven how efficient video has been in terms of boosting engagement. 

That being said, let’s discuss how you can create compelling videos on Instagram. 

1. Work Towards a Goal 

While this might be an obvious factor, working towards a particular goal is quintessential to ensure that your video has a purpose. Often, videos aren’t engaging enough or aren’t able to help marketers convert leads as the videos may lack an agenda.

You may fail to tell your brand story in less than a minute if you aren’t sure of what is the purpose behind creating your video. Carefully analyze what the core objectives of your video are. Simultaneously, work towards curating your content around the goal that you wish to accomplish. 

2. Storytelling is Powerful 

There’s no better way of getting more people to view your video than storytelling. Design a video that primarily tells a story. While you don’t essentially have to create a storyboard, take some time out to do some thorough planning of how your story should start.

A tip that can come in handy is to divide your video’s content/ story into 2-3 parts. Now, plan out a script for your story, including an intro, body, and outro. It is also important that you add a call to action so that your video is precise and serves its purpose. 

3. Invest in a High-Quality Camera 

While this is an obvious tip, it is without a doubt more beneficial than you might think. It is a great idea to consider investing in a premium-quality camera for filming your video. The very basis of a good-quality video is the camera used for shooting it. There are several affordable cameras that you can come across for shooting your video.

It is best that you do adequate research to find a camera that is within your budget and works wondrously. Focus on the aesthetics. 

4. Be Wary of the Instagram Video Specifications 

While creating and publishing your video, you want to ensure getting familiar with the Instagram video specifications. Instagram videos support an MP4 file format. It should further comprise a resolution of 720 pixels minimum.

A few points to keep in mind when creating your ideal Instagram video include- make short and brief videos that educate your viewers about your brand and keep them engaged, create the video in a language that the majority of your audience know, and make sure to follow a theme so that your video’s background and font colors complement each other. 

5. Include an Appealing Thumbnail

Most people often tend to overlook this element. Including an appealing thumbnail is extremely crucial. This is a determining element that will help you draw your viewers into viewing your video. Many people tend to consider watching your video depending on how relevant and engaging your thumbnail is.

However, avoid adding a thumbnail that isn’t relevant to your video. You cannot edit your thumbnail on publishing your video. Thus, it is important that you choose the right thumbnail. Make sure to add an intriguing and catchy thumbnail that is natural to grab the attention of your customers. 

6. Don’t Forget to Include A Relevant Title, Description, and Hashtags. 

Last but not least, you must ensure to incorporate a relevant title, description, and hashtags. You can easily amplify the number of people viewing your video if you create an interesting title and description for your video.

Additionally, make sure to add relevant hashtags as they play a quintessential role in showcasing your video to the right audience. Ideally, your video title should consist of about 20 characters. On the other hand, your description should give away a glimpse of what exactly your video is all about. These are some ways to improve your chance of boosting traffic. 

Bottom Line  

Instagram videos are an exceptional way to boost traffic on your social media feed. The platform offers advertisers a real chance at engaging well with their respective audiences. Advertisers with the ability to create professional, good-quality, and interesting videos can open up doors of opportunities for their brand.