2014 Twitter Facts Infographic Cheat Sheet

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Twitter facts infographic digitaladblog

This Twitter Facts Infographic will give you solid talking points to impress your peers about your endless knowledge of  the social media giant, Twitter. Infographics are useful to depict data that is sometimes hard to visualize in your head. This “cheat sheet format” is a perfect tool to keep at your disposal.

To recap the Twitter Facts Infographic:

  • Twitter has not stopped acquiring companies since 2008
  • Who has the largest following on Twitter? Katy Perry has 54 million followers
  • There are now over 225 million users
  • 500 million tweets per day
  • Over 35 languages are used on Twitter
  • 78% are mobile users
  • Stock Symbol: TWTR
  • 140 Max characters
  • Average user has 126 followers

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