Creating an App Version of Your Website? 5 Tips and Tricks

Creating an App Version of Your Website? 5 Tips and Tricks

Mobile phones have become a necessity for nearly everyone. Technology has taken over our world, and we’ve become accustomed to quick services and online features due to our hectic schedules. Smartphones are popular because they’re easy to carry and we can access virtually all the information we need, whether we’re grocery shopping, booking tickets for an event, or catching up on our favorite shows.

Our fast-paced world has also prompted businesses to find new and creative ways to connect with consumers. User engagement is a priority for many companies, which is why you may have noticed that your favorite retailers are developing mobile apps, using tools like the Appy Pie App Builder. An app version of the company’s website makes the business more accessible. Apps can also make it easier for the business to communicate with customers.

These days, it’s not enough to simply have an online presence as a business. If you’re running a business, you have to have a mobile presence as well so you can target people who use their smartphones regularly.

Mobile Apps vs Web Design

If you’re not sure whether you should learn how to make an app or update your website, there are a few things you should know.

Responsive web design is the process of optimizing your website for customers who access your website on their phones. This involves resizing and rearranging your website graphics and content based on the device used to view your website. You can also add improved navigation to your mobile-optimized website so the site will load faster. Since responsive web design is still basically a mobile-friendly website, it doesn’t offer the same experience for users that an app would.

You can download a mobile app through an app store. This means the app is native to your type of device, which means you can load and operate the app at a faster rate. Some mobile apps also work offline so users can take advantage of the information in the app even without a connection to the internet. Even though responsive web design is beneficial, it’s easy to see that mobile apps may be more appealing to today’s consumer.

Here are five tips for creating an app version of your website.

Use Platforms for Conversion

Converters provide drag-and-drop features that create mobile apps that are tailored to your business. The converter gathers important information from your website to converts them into app form that you can publish on the apps stores of your choice. Some of the platforms you can use include Buildfire, which allows you to choose a color scheme and images that make your brand stand out. Como is another website converter that is ideal for small businesses and offers features like user reviews, reservations, and scheduling.

Improve Visibility

When you’re making an app from your website, it’s important that you make your app easy for people to see. An app can increase your customer base, so make sure your app is available on Google Play and through the App Store so that people can download your app whether they are Apple or Android users. When users have the app on their phones, they’ll likely see it every day, even if they don’t use the app daily. This increases brand recognition, which is necessary for the longevity of your business.

Make Your App Stand Out

It’s common knowledge these days that businesses need to have a strong online presence. You have to make sure that your app gets people’s attention, whether you want to attract consumers by updating your logo, making the app extremely easy to use, or designing the app with a noticeable color scheme. You can also work with a tech team to make sure users can find exactly what they’re looking for within seconds once they tap on your app.

Program Updates Into the App

Program your app to send users updates and alerts depending on the product or service you’re selling. Send notifications about any sales you’re having to let app users know they’re getting the information first. This lets your customers know they are important and will receive exclusive details about your company when they access your business’ app.

Ask for Feedback

It’s important to have surveys and polls built into your app. This lets you know what customers like and don’t like about the app so you can make the necessary improvements. Feedback is a huge part of customer service, so be sure to thank users and even offer them discounts or promotional items when they complete a survey on your app.

These are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re making an app from your business website. Be sure to continue testing the app often to make sure it is functioning well so you can fix any issues right away and continue providing great service to customers.