The Quickest Way to Get an Instagram Audience in 2022

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It is no secret that social media networking websites have blown up since the invention of MySpace, and other earlier examples such as Friends Reunited. Now, the true social monsters are Meta/Facebook, and Instagram, with others such as Tik Tok snapping at their heels as far as certain demographics go.

Instagram gave rise to the opportunity to create careers for regular folk. With Instagram, came the start of the influencer, although it could be argued that bloggers started this way before.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Christiano Ronaldo is the most important influencer on the site. However, Ronaldo has never had the problem that some other Instagram users have had, and that is how to create an audience, and do it swiftly.

Why is Instagram important today?

For many users, Instagram is all about social interaction. They use their accounts to post aspects of their life to share with friends. For others, it is about aspiration. Many influencers show off lifestyles that the majority can only dream about.

Yet, behind these glamorous lifestyle images are often important marketing strategies. Businesses understand today that social media is a critical tool for business, and digital marketing can improve website traffic.

Instagram isn’t just used by the average person on the street, or by influencers, it is also employed by small, medium, and global-sized companies. Brands such as Nike have huge followings on Instagram, and thus they can reach huge audiences with single posts or promotions.

Why do brands and influencers need an audience?

For a brand or company, having an audience online means being able to target specific areas in a way that advertising before never could. Television, radio, and print advertising, all use a scattergun approach to a degree.

While you can target your advertising through those media streams to a certain level, you will also be reaching millions of uninterested viewers, and potentially missing millions of interested ones.

Having an engaged audience online is a dream for brands. And influencers can help. Because influencers work hard to build up loyal followings, they can then make recommendations to them. This often means lucrative sponsored posts or promotional work for brands. The brand in return receives new followers, and increased sales (hopefully).

How should an audience be grown?

Ideally, any online audience should be grown organically. This is the only way to ensure that the people that are engaging with you are actively interested in your brand or product.

However, this can take an incredible amount of time and work. Therefore, there are other methods that have become available for social media users who wish to gain followers quickly.

What are the quickest ways to get a bigger following?

One of the more common methods of growing an Instagram audience is to use a growth solution. Instagram growth services vary in their quality, and some of them flout the terms of service outright.

A proper growth service would manage your account, and then reach out to active users who appear to be interested in the same areas that you or your brand offer. Thus, this could lead to a somewhat organic method of audience growth.

Another way could be to purchase existing social media accounts. This could have a variety of effects on how you use Instagram or other platforms. Services such as accsmarket Instagram list existing accounts for sale for anyone who wants to purchase one, or more.

Why would you buy Instagram accounts?

There are various reasons that someone might want to purchase an existing account on any social networking site. One of these is that you could kick up the number of likes you are receiving.

By purchasing a large batch of existing Instagram accounts you could use them to send a post on your regular account partially viral. Knowing how to get more engagement on your social media posts is crucial. Adding many likes could attract more followers, and see your main account grow in popularity.

Another reason that someone might buy an established Instagram account is to sidestep the hard work involved with growing an audience. You could simply purchase one that already has a following and is in the same niche as yourself. This could be used then to attract sponsored work from brands or promote products for yourself.

Is buying Instagram accounts flouting the rules?

The terms of service under Instagram are fairly clear in many regards. Using fake accounts and bots is not tolerated and can lead to bans, or limits on using the platform.

According to Market Watch, selling and buying Instagram accounts is flouting the rules. However, they also report that many, including one 23-year-old, are making substantial incomes from it.

People aren’t only buying Instagram accounts, many are selling their established ones, or simply creating batches of new ones to sell in online marketplaces.

Are there legitimate reasons for selling Instagram accounts?

One of the main reasons for selling an Instagram account may simply be because the owner is unable to run it any longer. Many businesses change hands, so it shouldn’t be that surprising that some people decide to sell their social media accounts at some point.

Like any other business, an Instagram account can take time to build up and establish. Later on, it sometimes becomes too much for the owner to run, or they lose interest. They may simply wish to realize the value of the work they have put in.

There is certainly nothing illegal about selling a social media account, although you should take care to avoid online scammers.


Growing an Instagram audience is vital if you wish your account to be able to promote specific services or products. If you want to engage with relevant Instagram users or drive traffic, then you need an organically grown audience.

Some growth services do promise this, but others pack accounts out with bots. Buying an established Instagram account could be another method of gaining a ready-made audience, but there are many things to consider and caution should be used.