5 Tips for Optimized Pinterest Pins

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It’s easy to see something you like and Pin it to a board on Pinterest without thinking twice. While this may give you a large volume of pins, a well crafted Pinterest strategy is essential for any marketer who wants to find success on the social media platform for moms, DIYers and many other growing demographics. Here are 5 helpful tips to kick start your strategy.

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Infographic Summary:

1. Choose High Quality Pins

Pixalated images are unnapealing and uprofessional
Share attractive, high quality pins to gain credibility

2. Write Catchy Captions

Long descriptions are unhelpful and boring
Shorter content is more accessible and user friendly
Compress each idea into a digestible pin

3. Integrate relevant links

Pins with broken or incorrect links can be confusing
links that don’t match your image may get you marked as spam
double check your links to avoid damaging your credility

4. Get rich pins

rich pins contain extra information for apps, movies, recipes, articles, products and places
They’re better at engaging viewers and for easily sharing content
Set up by using rich pins to better advertise your brand

5. Check Pinterest analytics

track pins’ current status by observing user activity
use them to monitor content performance to better improve your strategy
check updates about users’ viewing habits with pinterest analytics