5 Best Strategies To Grow Your Social Media Presence

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You might be a small business that struggles to keep up with the big brands in social media.  Conversely, you could be an aspiring content creator who wants to reach and inspire people around the world. Whatever the case, having an account and simply being present on social media sites won’t cut it if you want to grow your social media presence.  

For businesses, social media creates a path to send their brand’s message to the people at the right time. As for content creators, leveraging your presence will lead you to potential partnerships and networking.  This will then help you further your career. Whatever reasons you have, growing your social media presence requires time and patience. Read below to learn some tactics that’ll help your social media presence.  

  1. Define Your Goals 

Knowing your goals is the first step in beginning every journey. It’s also one of the reasons that’ll make you keep going. Using the concept of SMART goals might help you with your uncertainty.  This stands for:  

  • Specific: Know which social media platforms you’ll use in promoting your brand. Decide which app or streaming software will you choose. Picking a specific social media site will help you focus your time and resources before you’re ready to spread your content or branding to other sites. 
  • Measurable: Every platform has specific metrics to measure people’s engagement with your posts or content. Make sure to research this to know if you have progress.  
  • Achievable: Set an achievable small goal first if you’re just starting. Celebrate small wins as this will also help you not to be discouraged.  
  • Relevant: Your goal should be in line with your purpose to make it relevant. 
  • Time-bound: Set a time for yourself. Schedule how long would you want to achieve this goal. Doing this will lessen the feeling of aimlessness and it’ll also help you recalibrate your plans and processes. Thus, it will assist you in reaching your goals if you didn’t achieve them the first time. 
  1. Identify Your Audience 

The next step is knowing your target audience by asking who needs your products and services. Having a defined audience will help you hasten your content creation process and pinpoint what topics make them engaged.   

If you’re in e-commerce, your first instinct is to sell deals and offers to your customers. This approach might repel your potential lifelong customers. Offering solutions via enhanced customer service instead of selling your products and services all the time will earn you one. If you’re in content creation, incorporate tutorials in whatever niche you’re in.  

  1. Organize And Automate Posts And Responses 

Showing up consistently for your customers is one way to increase your social media presence. If you have a small business, inconsistent posting will affect your post visibility. Content moves fast, thus you have limited time to make connections with potential customers.  

Creating an editorial calendar will help you with this dilemma. It not only helps you to post your content consistently, but it also gives you a chance to maximize your engagement through an integrated content strategy. Aside from that, you can easily visualize a map for your promotional events.  Thus, this could help you brainstorm more content ideas in the future. This will also avoid you posting the same content all over again.   

Staying online on social media takes time and effort. Even if you can, answering all the queries of your customers daily will be exhausting. Therefore, you could use automation tools to help in scheduling posts and auto-reply to customers with queries. Although, use these carefully as you want to sound genuine to your customers as much as possible. Also, if they have legitimate questions and concerns, make sure to have someone in your place to answer them.   

  1. Know The Current Trends 

Another way to grow your social media presence is to keep up with the trends. Whether there’s breaking news, a local event, or a trending hashtag, use these for promoting your presence. You can use social listening tools such as Onclusive’s to get the latest conversations and trending topics. It won’t hurt to ride on their coattails unless the trend is controversial and problematic.   

Taking advantage of the trends will make it easier for people to find out more about you or your business. By looking at the big picture, you can categorize your content by making it accessible to others. In making hashtags, you must also note to keep them short and relevant.   

  1. Make Eye-Catching Content 

If the only content or posts you’re creating are too promotional, you might want to avoid this as you can lose your social media presence. Users are more likely to be engaged if you’re posting visually pleasing content. You also need to consider the format of your posts depending on the platform. For instance, consider the proportions of the images or video you’ll post.   

Users also don’t want to engage in posts that are heavy on data or texts. Instead, repurpose your content by using infographics, photos, and videos. This will make your content eye-catching. Check out these examples of clever sports promotions.

Final Thoughts  

Whether you’re a small business owner or a content creator, making it big in social media can’t be done overnight. First, you must have goals to narrow down the path you’ll be taking. Second, knowing your target audience’s needs and interests will help them be engaged with your content. Lastly, automation tools will make your life easier, so make the most out of it.  

By following these strategies, you’ll not only sell your products or services, but you’ll also help customers solve their problems. These are some of the many strategies that’ll help you grow your social media presence. If you’re practicing them, you already have a head start.