How To Make Your Business Logo Stand Out

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A good business logo is key to your company’s branding efforts. A well-done logo conveys much information about a product or service just by its design and color scheme. Consumers often do not need to see your company’s name to recognize these images. Coca-Cola, Shell stations, and McDonald’s all have easily recognizable logos that help attract customers. Logos also work for mid-sized and small businesses when properly designed. Here are some simple ways to make your logo stand out.



The colors you choose create an emotional reaction in consumers. For instance, blue is in many colors because it is visually pleasing while being essentially neutral. Blue logos give off a sense of security and peacefulness, which banks and other financial institutions love to project. In contrast, beverage and food companies usually choose brighter and more aggressive tones. The Wendy’s logo features bright red, which says, “C’mon in for a good time and yummy food.” McDonald’s uses its yellow arches as a siren song for hungry travelers. Black, white, tan, etc., are neutral and a poor choice for noisy, happy places. They can, however, convey the right amount of gravity to banks and funeral homes. A plain black logo can also be stunning against a white background.



Logos do not need to be complicated. Consumers tend to prefer, simple shapes for logos, something easily recognizable yet attractive. Circles, rectangles, and arches are commonly used, although sometimes altered slightly. One of the most recognizable logos in the world is incredibly simple: the Nike Swoosh. It can have color added at times, but often it is simply a black image on white. Meant to evoke speed, it works perfectly with the company name, which references the Greek goddess Nike, also known as the Winged Goddess of Victory. Nike, after all, is the chosen brand for thousands of athletes who participate in countless sports.


Simple, bold designs work best as long they are not boring. A plain square will put consumers to sleep unless it is fiery red and has an exaggerated, slanted print as Legos do. Microsoft’s logo is also square and is meant to project trustworthiness. In contrast, the Apple logo, an apple with a bite gone, appeals to more trendy, cutting-edge people.



Creating an effective logo takes planning. You must decide what message you are trying to convey. Are you a long-term business trying to project stability or a hot new restaurant trying to give off cool vibes? Are you marketing children’s clothing? You need to define if your products are upscale or aimed at working families. Once you’ve nailed down your brand message, you need to research the competition. You want to see what works for them while ensuring that your logos do not look similar.


Your Logo Matters

Not any old logo will do. Logos are packed with emotional meaning that consumers can read from two blocks away. When designing your logo, make sure it conveys the right message through color and design. Your logo can bring in new business while helping to build your brand’s reputation.