5 Trends that Will Shape Digital Advertising in 2018

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Simplaex, the The AI-First App Retargeting that allows you to Identify high-value users and re-engage them with personalized content, Deliver the right ads to the right person, at precisely the right moment and overall Boost your lifetime customer value by keeping users on your app longer created a great infographic showcasing 5 Digital Advertising Topics that will be relevant in 2018.

Infographic Summary:

AI Goes Mainstream

Artificial intelligence will continue to redefine advertising in 2018 and beyond our industry by delivering more intuitive personalized experiences. This rings very true as programmatic continues to evolve for advertisers publishers and end users. It’s no longer about serving your ad to the right audience, it’s about serving the right individual a customized ad experience perfect for them at the right place, at the right time, on the right device.

GDPR Takes Effect

The General Data protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in the European Union on May 25th. It’s the biggest overhaul of privacy regulations in 20 years. While this is a European initiative that has been in the works for years, it’s affect will be studied as the US and rest of the world look to integrate data protection regulations for consumers.

The Blockchain Revolution Continues

Speaking of fraud protection, keep an eye on blockchain this year as it could become a potent weapon against fraudsters. Behind the scenes, blockchain technology has been developing momentum as the solution to not only deliver transparency for accurately automated advertising but more trust through the decentralization of the entire network in performing transactions and sharing data. Given its success in cryptocurrency (think Bitcoin), it’s now set to explode on the advertising scene.

The Transparency Debate Next Round

The Debate will continue this year as advertisers and publishers are pushing for more transparency within the programmatic ecosystem. Ads.txt has become one of the most widely adopted initiatives thanks to the IAB, publishers, and ad exchanges all calling for a more transparent ecosystem.

Ads Become Augmented

Our smartphones are finally sophisticated enough to deliver genuine augmented reality. For mobile marketers, this technology opens up a whole new landscape of possibilities.

What else do you think will be the top water cooler talk of 2018 in adtech? Let us know!