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AdSpyglass is an ad network mediation company which enables publishers to effectively manage multiple networks from a single place to always generate the highest revenue on every single impression. Many publishers today have the desire to diversify their income and integrate more partners into their ad stack but don’t know how to do this effectively which is where AdSpyGlass comes into play.

They work directly with over 4,000 publisher websites and their specialties include: Selling views to the most profitable ad networks, Managing all ads from the single place, Managing direct advertisers ads and Handling unbought traffic.

Benefits of Ad Mediation:

  • Increased competition/higher CPMs from multiple ad networks
  • Increased operational efficiency by managing your ad stack from a single point
  • Transparency on how partners are performing
  • Add/remove partners easily

AdSpyglass Contact Information

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AdSpyglass helps to get the benefits of each ad network. It allows webmasters to work with multiple ad networks simultaneously. AdSpyglass continuously monitors CPM rates of all ad networks you work with and displays ads with the highest CPM on your websites automatically.

Their process is simple:

  • AdSpyglass automatically selects the most profitable offers from top ad networks and displays ads with the highest CPM on their websites.
  • AdSpyglass gives their publishers complete transparency over the data we collect
  • They automatically switch your ad tags to the most profitable offers

These create three huge advantages for the users:

  1. An income boost of up to 100% automatically.
  1. There is no need to change ad tags to reply on your websites templates. You manage all your ads such as network ads or your own ads directly via AdSpyglass admin panel. It helps to avoid mistakes while you add your website templates and saves your time, even more so if you have numerous sites.
  2. You can see detailed statistics from all inventory ad networks in AdSpyglass reports allowing for granular analysis and the optimizing of campaigns from all your networks in one admin panel.

Video: How AdSpyglass Works

In this short video created by AdSpyglass you will learn what their company is about and how ad mediation is a powerful tool for any publisher to increase their revenue on the ad inventory they already have for sale

Screenshot of Dashboard

As you can see, their dashboard is very user friendly, intuitive and shows granular metrics any publisher would need to see in order to understand their ad stack such as CTR, revenue, hits, clicks and eCPM in a birds eye view. Having a transparent UI like AdSpyGlass offers is key for all publishers looking to take control of their ad network partnerships.

Screenshot of Unified Reporting Dashboard

AdSpyglass makes it easy to understand exactly how much revenue you are generating from your ad networks in their unified reporting dashboard. From here, you can understand which ad networks are truly providing value in your ad stack and make smart business decisions as you optimize.

Earnings Calculator

Many ad networks and make it difficult to understand the earning potential, making it a difficult decision to try out a new partner. Thankfully, AdSpyglass created an easy to use earnings calculator to give you a good estimate on how much you can be making with their service.

Supported Ad Networks

AdSpyglass supports a large portfolio of premium ad networks (29 at the moment) that you can integrate into their mediation platform. As a bonus, they review ad networks and you can find their results by reading the AdSpyglass blog. 

They have a very interesting free instrument. Here webmasters can always check ad networks with best CPM rates and compare them by countries and different ad types.

Payment Methods:

Overall, Adspyglass is a a key player in the ad mediation techology and worth giving a shot! Right now, they are offering a 14 day free trial. Just click on the banner below to get started.