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How to Write Guest Blog Posts

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Are you thinking about stepping up your marketing game and creating some guest blog posts? This can be a great way to spread the word about your brand and to improve your SEO at the same time. But, guest posting is not as easy as you may think. You

The Busy Persons Guide To Creating Content Strategy

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You’ve heard this one before right? If you run a business, you need to make time for your content strategy. Yeah yeah, in between countless meetings and, y’know, actually running a business, how *exactly* do you do that then? It’s true that a content strategy is an essential part

10 Tools Every Content Marketing Specialist Would Find Useful

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To reach your goals you need tools. An influencer needs a good camera and Photoshop skills. A constructor needs a saw and a drill. A content marketing specialist needs Grammarly, Canva and PDF converter to create content that drives traffic to a website, retains visitors and increase sales. What

Google for Nonprofits Tools You Should Check Out in 2021

Author: | Categories: Blogging, Blogging Tips No comments Google is so much more than a popular search engine. It has some fantastic resources that can be beneficial to individuals and organizations.  Nonprofits also have access to some fantastic tools. Marketing managers can use them to reach different stakeholders and generate publicity. Yet, that’s not all, as

Use These Plagiarism Checkers before Publishing the Article

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Nothing damages a journalist’s report, a writer’s reputation or a student’s record more than plagiarism in his work. People ask us how a person can check whether we are copy pasting a piece of information or not. They also tell that everyone is concerned with only valuable material. Here,