Complete Guide on Types of Twitter

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With hundreds of millions of Tweets being published every day — and a constantly changing Twitter algorithm — it’s easy for your brand’s postings and Twitter marketing to be lost in the shuffle. This is where Twitter advertisements come in.

Your firm can utilise Twitter advertising to market its products and reach out to new customers who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Given the several ultra-simple Twitter ad forms available and the fact that there is no minimum advertising budget, now is an excellent moment to consider running your first Twitter ad.

This course will teach you about the many sorts of Twitter ads, how to design your first campaign, and what to keep in mind while creating your Twitter ads.

Types of Twitter ads

To assist your brand’s aims and match your social media marketing plan, there are numerous types of Twitter advertising to pick from.

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#1 Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets resemble ordinary Tweets in appearance. What makes this different is that an advertiser pays to have their material shown to those who aren’t already following them on Twitter.

They can be liked, retweeted, and commented on just like regular Tweets. However, they are always labelled as advertisements, with “Promoted” in the lower left-hand corner.

Promoted Tweets can also include video, which will automatically play in the timelines of users. The video loops if it is less than 60 seconds long.

Promoted Tweets, such as this one from Subway, display in the timelines of targeted people, on their profiles, at the top of search results, and in the Twitter mobile and desktop apps.

#2 Promoted Accounts

This form of Twitter ad allows you to promote your brand’s full Twitter account rather than just one Tweet. It focuses on individuals who haven’t yet followed your brand on Twitter and can help you expand your Twitter following.

Promoted Accounts appear on the timelines of potential followers. The ad will also appear in search results and in the Who to Follow suggestions.

They have a Follow button in addition to being labelled as ‘Promoted.’

#3 Promoted Trends

The hot topics section on Twitter’s right-hand side is a frequently updated list. This is a live-streamed selection of the most popular topics and hashtags.

A Promoted Trend can be interacted with in the same manner that any other trending topic can. What’s different is that for targeted consumers, the ad a brand purchases will appear as ‘Promoted.’

In both the Explore tab and the timeline, a Promoted Trend will appear as one of the first items under the “Trends for you” section.

Users will see search results for that topic when they click on the Promoted Trend, with a promoted Tweet from your brand at the top.

Twitter took this ad type a step further in January 2020. Promoted Trend Spotlight was introduced. This ad style complements Promoted Trends by enabling video and GIFS, as well as static photos, as shown in this example from Disney.

For two visits per person, every day, these adverts appear at the top of the Explore tab. After that, it goes to the regular Promoted Trend position. This ad style is currently accessible in 15 countries.

#4 Promoted Moments

Promoted Moments are similar to Twitter storey adverts. Twitter Moments are a selected collection of comparable Tweets that tell a storey that may be generated on the desktop. Because of this style, your company can distribute Twitter storey ads that are longer than 280 characters.

Consider using Twitter Promote Mode if you’re new to Twitter advertising, don’t know how much to spend, or have a small staff with limited time.

Automated ads

Your brand tweets as usual, and Twitter Promote Mode promotes your Tweets and your brand’s profile automatically.

Twitter Promote Mode is described as an “always on advertising solution” by the company. Essentially, your brand’s first 10 Tweets each day are added to a Promoted Tweets campaign, and your chosen demographic is targeted. A Promoted Account campaign is also conducted using Twitter Promote Mode.

Consider this a feature that allows Twitter to assist you with your Twitter ads. You don’t have to put in the effort to create new, individual marketing campaigns for your company.

It’s a one-time fee of $99 per month, and your Tweets will reach an additional 30,000 people on average.