CBD Shop Marketing- The Best and Least Risky Methods to Advertise

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CBD advertising tips

CBD advertising is one of the most talked and discussed topics due to its fast-growing markets, especially after the passing of the farm bill by the US government. This bill allows the use of hemp and CBD on a federal level. It is still a task for producers to advertise CBD online on social media platforms. CBD advertising can be still easily done on Facebook and Instagram. However, there are high chances of your advertisement getting dismissed from either of these platforms.

It is advisable to look at other methods through which you can advertise CBD oil or any other CBD-derived product until the restrictions on CBD Google ads and other platforms mellow down. Below are the best and less risky methods that will help you to advertise your CBD product.

Share Content on Third Party Websites (Native Advertising)

Native advertising can be referred to as content infused campaigns that allow you to place relevant CBD content on third-party websites. Native advertisement matches the form and function of the site it appears on, giving a natural result that matches perfectly with the existing content. Native advertising gives your brand the leverage to spread awareness of your CBD product to millions of people around the world.


  1. Engagement with different types of customers leads to better relationships with them and helps your business eventually.
  2. Helps to reach the target market, which means there will be an improved level of shareability.
  3. Customers remain satisfied as they get to use their own tools while engaging with your CBD content.


  1. There are a few restrictions when it comes to content that you promote on the landing page. However, these restrictions are not as strict as they are on other platforms.
  2. Use Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is a good method for CBD advertising; it is referred to as using influential people to help you reach a wider spread of people. Your brand can make use of the popularity and trust that the influencer has made with their followers. It is important to choose the right influencer as your choice depends on the progress and growth of your business.  

Sponsor Podcasts

Sponsoring podcasts will help your brand to reach a certain target market and will help you to remain complaisant at the same time. An advantage of your brand while sponsoring podcasts is that you will have a guaranteed audience as people will be listening to the podcast every week if it’s their favorite. However, sponsoring podcasts can fall a bit expensive for your company, but in turn, you can create a good brand relationship with the listeners. 

Over-The-Top Advertising

OTT refers to a group of devices or services that help you to stream your content on an electronic device digitally. These devices include game consoles, smart DVD players, smart TV, and HDMI stick. Services such as Netflix, Hulu, Chromecast, and more are delivered individually through these devices. Because of the fast-changing technology every second, it is advisable to advertise your CBD products through OTT as it will be of more benefit to your company soon. CTV advertising is one of the most effective channels.

Use these different methods to keep your CBD business on track and to avoid putting your brand into a risky position while using social media platforms. It is much safer to use digital platforms to deliver your content without being in danger and gaining the befit of a bigger audience.