Best Email Automation Software: A Quick Guide

Best Email Automation Software - A Quick Guide

Looking for email automation software?

With the technology advancing at a very rapid rate, it is now easier for the people to deal with their email accounts that are always flooded with emails. It takes a lot of time if a business owner has to send emails to his customers manually. At times, it takes several hours to get done with this procedure. A lot of people, to avoid this time-consuming process, hire an assistant who does the task. This assistant, however, asks for a hefty pay share. This turns out to be monetary distress for many people.

Here, technology comes into play to save your time as well as money, and let you send across your emails timely through an email automation software. This software sends emails to all the business subscribers and gives them a piece of information that they need. It is considered as one of the best marketing tools used by businesses so for.

An email automation software is a system through which each email coming your way gets answered without you having to waste your money and time to do so. This system generates automatic email messages and sends them to your customers with pertinent information. It targets people and sends them emails that resonate with them. Alongside this, this software ensures that the clients receive the emails at the right timing.

At times, this software has turned out to be a paramount and the most powerful marketing campaigns ever utilized by a company.

If you are not aware of such a system existing in the world but need to have one for your business, the following list of some of the Best email automation software available will make things clear for you.

Mailchimp software:

In case you have a small business and not enough resources to buy super expensive software, the Mailchimp software will do the deed for you. This software gives you a way to stay close to your customers and have a constant tête-à-tête with them. If you are planning on going online, but are scared that it may not work well, this software offers you a domain free of cost. For some time up to five years, you can keep the custom domain free of cost. Once you have built a free website of your own, you can opt for an online business.

This software aids you in developing a landing page, which would make your customers go for a shopping spree, instantly. Along with this, you can enhance the population of your audience by sending them signing up forms through the software. The engagement of the potential customers enhances Furthermore, thanks to the services of the software including WordPress, Slack, Zapier, and Canva.

What makes the Mailchimp software a reliable option is its wide range of features, which makes it an efficient way of connecting with the customers. Alongside this, you can have it free of cost if there are merely 2000 contacts in your deal. To get 500 more contacts, there is an Essentials plan for which you need to pay $9.99 per month. Overall, it offers you three plans to choose from.

Aweber Software:

Another amazing software to automatically send emails to your clients is the Aweber software. This software ensures to accomplish most of your contacting tasks, leaving you stress-free. The ease of its usage makes it a must-have software amongst the available ones. It’s Drag and Drop system of working ensures that you do not have to spend much time in communicating with your customers.

The experts take all the important responsibilities of generating the tags, handling the subscribers, forming templates, assembling the signing up forms, and developing a marketing campaign.

The tools of Aweber software are well-designed and ensure to aid their users in swelling their customer base. Its landing pages are attractive enough for more and more customers to come your way. Price-wise, it is quite reasonable. For 500 subscribers, you will have to pay an amount of $19 per month. For a higher number of subscribers, the pay rate will also increase.

ConvertKit software:

People who always have an astounding business idea but are skeptical to implement it can get great help from the Convertkit software. It allows you to bring your ideas to reality by forming the perfect landing page for your new business.

It doesn’t only create the most interactive page but also shares it with the followers to enhance its reach instantly. Then, it composes compelling emails, and sends them across. This move aids the new business personals in turning potential customers to real customers. As your customer base increases, the profit margin enhances manifold, leading to this small business turning into a gigantic empire shortly.

This software is subscriber centric. Thus, it is easier to get rid of duplicate subscribers and get your hands on authentic subscribers. The software is also quite cost-effective. You will just have to pay an amount of $29 per month to get around 1,000 contacts. For around 3000 subscribers, you will have to pay $49 per month, and $79 will be your payment per month for 5,000 contacts. 

Drip software:

Next comes the Drip software, which is known for curating extremely customized marketing campaigns. This software offers its users loyal customers, who stay with the business for the longest period. It also gives a clue to the users about the preferences of the customers, by showing them their actions. They show the recent clicks of the customers, which lets the business know exactly how to target their potential audience.

What sets the drip software apart from others is its ability to Differentiate, Reinforce, Inform, and persuade the customers. It is quite cost-effective as well. The basic subscription 2,500 subscribers will require you to pay $49 per month, for 5,000 subscribers, you will pay an amount of $99 per month.

Mailjet software:

Mailjet software is a treat for small business owners, as it manages the customers well. It composes the emails, configures them, and sends them across, instantly. Alongside, the customized email composition furthermore makes it a reliable option to have.

The customers are monitored in real time through this software. It offers varied packages, where you need to pay $9.65per month for the basic package and $20.95per month for the premium one.


Marketing your business in the right way is what you need to opt for, to have a successful venture. An email automation software allows the user to manage the information that he needs to send to his customers. For a very minimal monthly or yearly payment, you can get your hands on a software, which will make things extremely efficient for you and your business venture.

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