How to Use Facebook Video Ads to Grow Your Email List and Drive Sales

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If you want to generate more leads, you should be using Facebook video ads more often. As a study from Biteable found that Facebook video ads generate 25% more views, 480% more clicks, and 270% leads than photo ads. This reduced the cost per lead by 280%. 

So, to help you create Facebook video ads that generate more leads and sales I have written this quick guide for you…

Create a lead magnet:

The easiest way to generate leads with ads or even with organic marketing methods is to offer a lead magnet in exchange for a signup. A lead magnet is a free bribe such as an ebook or a white paper or a video course or infographic or even something as simple as a checklist. 

They can incentivize sign-ups. 

So, create a lead magnet that your audience wants to read. You can figure out what type of lead magnet will work best for you by analyzing your competitors’ ads and studying what works for them. It can also depend on the type of audience you want to attract. 

For example, if you are trying to attract someone who is busy you might want to create something simple and quick like a template or checklist or cheat sheet. 

As they wouldn’t want to watch a 3 part video course. 

Create an email sequence to deliver the lead magnet and nurture new subscribers:

You also need to use a good email service provider, to set up the delivery email for the lead magnet. To generate maximum sales from the subscribers you generate, you should send out a sequence of 5 emails for the first 5 days. As people pay the most attention to your emails when they just sign up. 

In these 5 emails, you can nurture your leads and promote products. In the first few emails, you focus on nurturing, and in the last or the last 2 you can promote your products and services. 

Create a landing page:

The next thing you need to do is create a landing page/squeeze page for your ad. This needs to be something that is simple and distraction free. There should be no menu or footer or any links pointing out of the page. The entire design and copy of the page should be to convince people to sign up for the lead magnet. 

Also, make sure the design of the landing page is similar to the ad. As this will instill conversion scent. Conversion scent is when the visual relationship between the ad and the landing page is the same. When people visit the landing page from the ad they will feel a sense of familiarity and will be more inclined to sign up. 

So, use the same design style (font, colors, logos, etc.) you plan to use on the video on your landing page too. 

You can add a video to the landing page as well. It could be a longer version of the ad. This can also boost conversion scent. You can actually create a long video for the landing page and then edit it to a short one using a good video editing tool and use the shorter one for the ad. 

Another thing you need to do is add the pixel to the landing page. As this will help track conversions. It can also be used to retarget visitors. 

You don’t always have to use a landing page as you can create a signup ad that lets people sign up directly on Facebook. Like this one from Borussia Dortmund. 

When you click on the ‘Sign Up’ button, a popup appears asking you to submit your details directly on Facebook. 

Create the video for the ad:

The next thing you need to do is create the video for the Facebook ad. As we are looking to generate sales, you should create short videos. When you create short videos that include very little information, people will need to visit the landing page to get the rest of the details. So, this will result in more visits and leads. In the study mentioned in the opening paragraph, Biteable used a very short video for their ad and it paid off in the end. 

You should only create long videos for your Facebook ads if you want to nurture your followers or get more brand impressions. 

You should actually create several versions of the video ads to test out which one works best.

Also, make sure you create thumbnails for your ads. You can do this by simply taking a still from the video and removing the background with a background remover and then placing this on an attractive image using a photo editor. 

You could also try publishing organic video content before you launch the ad. As organic video can help warm up the audience and you can retarget them with the ad. Facebook lets you create custom audiences for this. 

If you do go ahead with this tactic, you should make sure that your organic videos are less than 5 minutes. 

As a Facebook video study found that videos between 2 and 5 minutes generate the most engagement. 

Launch the ad:

Once you create the video, you can launch the Facebook ad. The main thing to keep in mind here is to not be afraid to zone into the targeting. When you zone in with the targeting the number of people you can reach will get lower, but your ROI will improve as your ad will only be seen by people who are interested. 

Also, make sure you create different versions of the ad containing the different videos and captions to see which one converts best. 

Retarget subscribers:

Make sure you retarget subscribers. All the people who sign up should be targeted with the product you want to promote. You might also want to retarget people who don’t sign up with a different ad that promotes a different lead magnet or product as they might be interested in something else. 


This is the step by step process you need to implement to generate more leads and sales from your Facebook video ads. Video ads will take more time to create than image ads, but the cost per lead will be lower. So, your efforts will pay for themselves in the long run.