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What Is Branding? 5 Things You Need to Know

We may be adept at recognizing the world’s biggest brands, but many companies fail to realize that the brand strategies of these giants work—on a much smaller scale—just as well for small businesses. Branding is a bit of a buzzword in the marketing and advertising world lately, but it’s

What is Page Speed and why is it Important?

Wondering what is page speed? Have you noticed the loading speed of your website page has been a bit slow lately? Even after you’ve checked the wifi speed countless times and nothing seems to be wrong with it? Chances are that your wifi isn’t actually to blame for your

Understanding the Difference Between Branding and Advertising

he words “branding” and “advertising” are not something that you have never heard before. In fact, you must have heard of them countless times. However, if I were to ask you to explain more about them, would you be able to differentiate between the two? Knowing the difference between

Does earned media still have a place in the digital marketing mix?

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Have you ever heard of the term earned media? Everyone gets the value of having your own media channels. From blogs to social media accounts and newsletter subscriber lists, owned media is easy to measure and manage. The same holds true for advertising. Purchased media like PPC campaigns, branded

15 Graphic Arts Terms that Every Graphic Arts Student Should Know

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Graphic arts professionals are in great demand in today’s economy. A degree in graphic arts or design will equip its students with the graphic arms terms and skills needed to start a career in the field, but it never hurts to start early and teach yourself some of the