Doubling Your Linkedin Connections Infographic

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Do you have enough Linkedin connections? Probably not. There are tons of opportunities on Linkedin and they are yours for the taking. Use the tips from this infographic to gain more Linkedin connections.
Doubling Your Linkedin Connections

Infographic Summary

More than 225 million people globally are using LinkedIn, making it the world’s largest professional social network. Here are some tips how you can exponentially increase your connections.

Be Active

Most users on Linkedin are not active, especially on the weekends. Only 1/3 of Linkedin members login each day. Vwry different from Facebook or the other social networks.

  • Update your status daily.
  • Comment and share your connections’ updates.
  • Send an invite for a new connection at least once a day but make sure it is someone you know, or you can be introduced through a connection you already have. Don’t send invites to people you don’t know; you could be violating the terms of Linkedin
  • Participate or start Linkedin Group discussions weekly and answer questions on Linkedin answers each week as well. This will give your profile great visibility.
  • Regularly update your profile information – only 42% of users update on a regular basis.

 Make it personal

Instead of just sending a connection request, send a personal message with the request. To stand out from the crowd, write a short message about how you know them, or why you would like to know them.

  • Make yourself look interesting by describing yourself as you would in person, saying what you do and provide examples
  • Don’t say things like passionate, innovate, motivated, etc. These are buzz words and tend to annoy people. Tell them why you admire their work and keep it short since you don’t have much room.

Reach out

Make it easy for others to contact you – prominently display your contact information on your profile and Clearly state your networking purpose.

  • Use the “alumni” search feature to find connections from your high school and college.
  • Join Linkedin groups within your niche and take part in the conversations.

Be Smart

Instead of just posting your blog post, get your connections to engage with you bu asking a question with it. Share insights, news and articles that are relevant to your niche and connections.

  • Linkedin has more than one billion endorements. Ask people you know for endorsements – Linkedin endorsements are a great way to show someone you not only notice but value the skills they have to offer.
  • Give endorsements to people freely, not expecting an endorsement in return.
  • Endorse people you know for the skills you admire.
  • Follow up endorsements from others with a personal thank-you message.

Promote your Linkedin Profile

Promoting online in emails and on your site is important, but it is also important to promote offline. Here are some suggestions:

  • In your store window.
  • Advertising – Print, TV, etc.
  • Events.
  • Business Cards.
  • Marketing material.
  • Conversation.