The Most Popular Loyalty Rewards Apps

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Loyalty rewards apps have rocketed to one of the most downloaded genres of apps on the mobile app stores. Customers love the fact that they can receive amazing deals and discounts by just going about their daily activities as usual. For example, if a person’s routine is to swing by Starbucks for a coffee before heading to work, they can actually receive points, also known as “Stars” in the Starbucks app. These points can then be used on free drinks, discounted merchandise, and to unlock exclusive offerings. Starbucks, along with other companies that utilize these apps, also benefit greatly from its usage. The encouragement of repeat purchases means more money is being generated for the business on a consistent basis. 

There are a lot of loyalty rewards apps on the market, but some are more popular than others. The three main industries that have gotten a lot of app downloads include the restaurant, shopping, and travel industries, which are unsurprisingly all mostly customer facing (B2C). Chick-fil-A and Domino’s are the two most downloaded apps in the food industry, for iPhones and Androids respectively. For retail-related apps, Etsy, Nike, Temu, and Walmart are all popular, which shows a lot of diverse preferences in this industry. Popular traveling apps are mostly created by airline companies, as people like to earn points for the flights they book.

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