How to use Facebook for Digital Marketing

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Facebook for Digital Marketing

How can we use Facebook to boost digital marketing efforts?

Using Facebook for Digital Marketing is a great idea to drive new users to your business. Welcome to the day and age where social media platforms hold the power to influence people on a global scale. If, according to Maryville University, Facebook has the power to usher in political revolutions, who’s to say that it can’t be used as the most powerful Digital Marketing tool known to the information age?

Facebook has provided a means of generating income to millions as it can direct traffic to one’s website, which ultimately results in sales, therefore; money in one’s pocket. We unveil various approaches as to how Facebook fans may be convinced that your product or service could enrich their lives:

Facebook is a Swiss-Army Digital Marketing Knife

Discovering how to utilize each of Facebook’s digital marketing capabilities will empower you to make use of every opportunity to market your business. Here is a list of everything that you may or may not be familiar with:

Facebook Analytics – these allow you to review your fan’s activity on your page. You can see where there is room for improvement.

Facebook Business and Brand Pages – Facebook realizes that there should be a distinction between the two, and we are glad that Facebook has implemented separate services for them.

Facebook Lead Ads Buyers that click on your Facebook ads have the ease of completing a form pre-populated with their Facebook details to make a purchase.

Business Page Call-To-Action Buttons these buttons give your Facebook fans different actions to choose from, such as signing up to your mailer, donating funds, or even sending a personal message.

Each of these capabilities within Facebook itself encourage people to engage with your business or brand page or your content so that you can generate traffic to your webpage where you can convert people into buyers.

Converting Facebook Fans into Buyers

Email subscription is one of the most pivotal goals that your digital marketing strategies need to reach. Most people on Facebook do not log in to purchase products, they are there to socialize. 

Grabbing as many email addresses as you can allow you to remind the user that your business has a product or service to offer that would enrich their lives. This is how to do it:

Pitch an Original Email Bonus

An email bonus is any form of free information that is traded for an email address, it could be a short course, a first-purchase discount or a resource toolkit. Do your research and break the mold, if you are going to gain a substantial number of subscribers, it needs to be unique and irresistible.

Integrate MailChimp to Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier

Zapier is third-party integration software that acts as the ‘postman’, relaying email addresses collected from your Facebook Lead Ads into your MailChimp Email Marketing Campaign. To use this software, you will need a MailChimp and Zapier account, Zapier is, unfortunately, a paid premium plan, however, we highly recommend it as an investment as now you can email your special offers to your Facebook Leads.