EZ Mob Review

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EZ Mob is a self-serve mobile advertising platform in which advertisers and publishers are able to buy mobile traffic, easily set up hyper targeting campaigns using their UI all while leveraging the power of real time bidding (RTB). EZ Mob has access over 3 billion impressions globally each day, provide 100% global fill rate at competitive eCPM’s and make it very easy for publishers and advertisers to optimize their mobile buying and selling.

EZ Mob is comprised of industry veterans that understand what it takes to deliver true performance for their clients. They deliver additional with the ability to create and develop all forms of consumer-focused mobile assets such as custom applications, websites and mobile advertising creatives. You are in good hands with the EZ Mob team and can expect world class service and support at all times.

Contact Information:

Key Features for Advertisers

  • Self Serve Dashboard
  • Unlimited Reach
  • Advanced Targeting Features – Placement, Ad Format, Inventory, OS, GEO, Device, Connection Type, Carrier, etc.
  • Over 80,000 Publishers on the EZ Mob SSP
  • Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities (granular metrics)

Ad Units Types:

To see examples of their ad units click here.

  • Dialogue Box
  • Bookmark Ads
  • Banner Overlay
  • Mobile Pop-Under
  • Mobile Header/Sticky

Key Features for Publishers

  • Competitive Fill and eCPM Rates
  • Quick 24 hour approval process
  • Publisher Dashboard
  • Premium Campaigns
  • Mobile banners receive between 0.5% to 1% CTR (20x better CTR then average)
  • 15 Pre-integrated premium ad networks
  • 70% Revshare
  • Only need to add one line of code

EZ Mob Partners and Clients