Apple’s iAd To Adopt Programmatic

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Apple’s iAd To Adopt Programmatic

iAd To Adopt Programmatic

Programmatic and Apple Colliding

Apple is giving it’s small digital ad network a major infusion of technology as Apple announced they will be pivoting with the iAd adoption of programmatic and a partnership with one of the largest SSP’s, The Rubicon Project.

iAd Network Programmatic

Apple has been a small player in the adtech space compared to the likes of Google and Yahoo. With the growth of programmatic projection at an honest prediction of 33 billion dollars by 2017,

Programmatic Advertising Growth


Apple, while arguable a late adopter of programmatic had the cash, company culture and innovation to radically empower the digital advertising ecosystem. In february Rubicon went public opening up at $20 per share. The stock dipped a bit and is currently back on the rise with this news in combination with the acquisition of ShinyAds and iSocket.

Rubicon accidentally released the information on Tuesday which was removed but (but still can be accessed via a cache on Google) and it’s clear that Apple’s mega store of mobile application will be accessed to brands in Rubicon’s media buying automation platform. This will create a new major player in the digital advertising ecosystem for programmatic buyers and selling of mobile ad inventory.

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