What Is A Non-owner Insurance Policy?

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Discussing the subject of insurance could be confusing, so it’s no surprise that most people find it challenging to comprehend relevant information about this topic. Yet, it’s still critical for us to have an open conversation on the role and kinds of insurance policies as it talks about our

Can You Download Twitter Data?

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Twitter has been popular since its release back in 2006. Entrepreneurs, brands, and even celebrities use the platform to raise awareness on global issues and provide insightful content. For an average user who only signed up to get updates on their favorite influencers or receive the hottest news, paying

6 Undeniable Perks of a Well Thought Company’s Visual Identity

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A well-thought visual identity is one of the essential assets a company must carefully think through since it is an investment. A picture speaks a thousand words, says a popular saying. Likewise, a company’s visual presentation communicates far much deeper than any well-scripted mission, vision, or motto would. An

MVP Development Do’s and Don’ts According to the Pros

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A minimum viable product (MVP) refers to a product with only enough features to attract early customers and provide critical feedback for future product development. The input is then used to improve the product. An MVP assists in validating an idea for a product and helps provide direction towards

What Are Transactional Emails And How Can They Help Your Ecommerce Business?

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A transactional email is an automated email triggered by interactions and events within a service or application. Such emails are different from promotional bulk emails because rather than being driven by the company’s marketing campaign, they respond to user activity. So, for example, a customer abandons their shopping cart.