How To Properly Use Facebook as Marketing Tool

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Facebook has so many great features and tools, but not everyone is aware of what the entire platform is fully capable of. There are many avenues that you can use to attract customers by applying marketing strategies. All it takes is the implementation of a great campaign on your Facebook page and ad space. When you use Facebook to its full capacity, it can land you a loyal customer base.

Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Facebook has several applications that can be used for advertising. You can use promotional activities to spread brand awareness.

Create A Business Page

Your business page is like your virtual storefront on Facebook. It allows people to leave positive reviews and comment on what your brand has to offer. It also helps customers to identify you as a legitimate business. Customers can locate you, and so can search engines. A business page allows you to post announcements, create social media campaigns, and create a following that makes it easier for you to develop an online community for your brand. 

Facebook Advertising

You can create pay-per-click ads and sponsored posts to gain the attention of first-time customers. With your Facebook ad, you will get the exposure you need to a broader base of people you haven’t been introduced to yet. You can also fine-tune who your ads are shown to. That way, you are not wasting ad space on people who would never be interested in your product. This makes your ads show up to people within a target demographic who are ready to buy. 

Live Events

A great interactive feature is the live streaming videos you can use to interact with your audience. Facebook live lets you connect to people around the world. If you host promotional events, you can stream them to your audience irrespective of where they live. It is a great way to attract attention to your services and also create great avenues for interacting and engaging with potential customers. It can also encourage buzz and excitement, as these events help to form a community around your brand. 

Facebook Exchange (FBX)

This is a newer tool that allows you to retarget your ads through the use of real-time bidding. You can use past web history data from potential customers to allow you to target them based on purchasing decisions. This means that you are advertising to people already interested in what you have to offer. It was found that this ad retargeting strategy is around ten to fifty times more profitable than simply placing sponsored ads. 

Audience Analysis

Facebook marketing has many great tools that you can use to build custom audiences and analyze their behavior. For example, Facebook pixel gives you the opportunity to gather important information from your audience. This information allows you to create highly targeted campaigns that can increase your company’s revenue. You waste less time advertising to people who are less interested in your products. 

Find Out Other Methods and Facebook Applications

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