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Short Attention Spans, Video Ads, and Increased Demand in 2021

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By Snack Media Shortening Attention Spans Neuroscientific studies showed that between 2000 and 2015 the average human attention span shrunk by 35% to a grand total of just 8 seconds (Microsoft, 2015). Worryingly for us humans, emerging data suggests a continued downwards trend as the years go on. Just

3 Benefits of VOIP (What, Why and Costs)

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Communication with the outside world is a must for any business or individual. without the ability to communicate correctly, society will be obstructed, so to speak. When the telephone was invented, it transformed the way communication was held and became a part of everyday life. However, technology did not

2021 Go-To Guide For Responsive Email Templates Design

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As smartphones continue to become the biggest device segment used globally, mobile-optimized emails have become a necessity. No matter B2B or B2C, every brand is going gaga over the responsive HTML email templates as they provide seamless renderability across all device types without making you stick with single-column designs.

How to become a YouTube Influencer (2021 Guide)

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With the advent of the digital economy and the rise of social media the days of traditional professions are slowly being replaced by a number of content marketing careers. Actually, not only social media consumers feel the need to consult influencers prior to buying a product or service. But

Intro Investigation: Where Do Youtubers Get Their Intro Music?

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You’ve opened your own YouTube channel to stream your favorite games. Before you can start making videos, there is one important thing that you need to consider: your intro music.  Intro songs create a catchy hook that grabs the viewer’s attention. The problem is, you can’t use any old