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Can You Download Twitter Data?

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Twitter has been popular since its release back in 2006. Entrepreneurs, brands, and even celebrities use the platform to raise awareness on global issues and provide insightful content. For an average user who only signed up to get updates on their favorite influencers or receive the hottest news, paying

What Are Transactional Emails And How Can They Help Your Ecommerce Business?

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A transactional email is an automated email triggered by interactions and events within a service or application. Such emails are different from promotional bulk emails because rather than being driven by the company’s marketing campaign, they respond to user activity. So, for example, a customer abandons their shopping cart.

Guide On Downloading Vidmate App For PC

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Watching videos, films, and songs are everyone’s preferred task. You can leave some other tasks to do to watch your favorite things right. However, you will get frustrated with the data expense and time consumed by sites. Sometimes you have the reluctance to stream and watch files from the

Get A Galaxy Note 4 Case That Can Really Protect Your Phone

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Unequal Technology The military has come out with a lot of creations that have made everyday lives better, including unequal technology, which is a shock absorbing material that many athletes use in their daily regimens. This technology has now been harnessed in creating Galaxy Note 4 cases that allow

Canon’s Power shot Sx420 Is the Ideal Camera for Spring

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After what felt like the longest winter – snow in April, anyone? – Springtime has finally arrived. The beginning of spring is easily my favorite time of year, and with the vibrant colors and stunning trees, flowers and plant life in bloom, there’s no better time to grab one