The Shift to Native Advertising for Marketers

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Native Advertising


“In this online advertising model, paid or branded content is displayed alongside other content in similar format, matching both form and function to engage consumers and increase their likelihood of clicking on the ads and sharing them with others. It’s a symbiotic relationship making consumers, publishers, brands and advertisers happy. With consumers’ social media and mobile technology use steadily on the rise, native advertising’s potential is vast.

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Infographic Summary

How Native Works for Brands and Consumers

Instream Native Ads complement crossdevice campaigns functioning seamlessly across mobile and desktop platforms. 70% of Internet users want to learn about products through content vs through traditional advertisements

The Reasons:

  • What motivates brands and marketers to use native advertising over more traditional forms of advertising?
  • To provide more relevant messaging 67%
  • To increase consumer engagement 63%
  • To generate awareness or buzz 62%
  • to create word of mouth 43%

Native strategies on social media networks

  • Facebook – Sponsored Stories, News Food Ads
  • Youtube – Featured Channels
  • Pinterest – Promoted Pins
  • Twitter – Promoted Tweets, Sponsored Tweets
  • Linkedin – Sponsored Updates

Native Success

  • Most Publishers, brands and marketers view traffic and social media sharing numbers to define their native wins.
  • 70% Brands/66% Publishers measure effectiveness via Traffic Data
  • 44% Brands/49% Publishers Measure Social Media Sharing
  • 62% Agencies’ Brand clients measure time spent engaging with content

Other Ways to Measure Native Success

  • Story Impressions – The # of times the story has been viewed online or in social media
  • Story Reads – The number of people who have read the story
  • Time spent on the story – engagement
  • Display Ad Impressions

The Future of Native Advertising

Thus Far, publishers are the main force behind content use, with 62% of publishers currently offering native advertising with others close behind.

  • 41% of brands and 34% of agencies currently use native advertising
  • 20% of Brands and 12% of agencies plan to use Native Ads within the Year
  • More than 700 advertisers are taking advantage of buzzfeed’s native ad units
  • Forbes touts that 20% of it’s 2013 revenue came from it’s BrandVoice platform – their native advertising offering