Guide to Help You Select the Best Real Estate School in ATL

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ATL ranks as one of the best places to live in America. It is also home to many global brands, making it an attractive option for real estate investors. This opens rewarding career options for anyone interested in working as a salesperson or broker in Atlanta.

But what are the prerequisites? What do you need to become one of the best realtors in the Peach State? The first order of business is enrolling in the best real estate school in ATL for the pre-licensing program.

Being a big city, finding quality realty schools can be challenging. Here’s a roadmap to guide you through the selection process.

Is the School Accredited?

Don’t get carried away before confirming if the school is accredited by GREC. Only licensed schools are allowed by law to offer real estate pre-licensing programs. You can do a little internet search or contact the state’s real estate department for a list of schools accredited to provide realty courses in ATL.

The reason we insist on this is because you will not be allowed to sit for the state exam if your course completion certificate isn’t from an accredited institution.

Ask For Recommendations

Sometimes, looking for the best school in ATL can be challenging and time-consuming if you don’t know where to start. However, you can contact people working in ATL’s real estate industry for recommendations.

Their experience working in the industry and past interactions with professionals from various schools can come in handy. They can also link you with instructors who taught them during their pre-licensing education for extra guidance.

In-Person vs. Online Learning

Technology has made online learning more convenient. However, your choice between online vs. in-person learning will depend on your routine and learning style. Online courses offered at RealEstateU can be the perfect option if you are a full-time employee with a strict daily schedule.

Attending in-person classes can be perfect if you thrive on classroom interaction. ATL offers both options, including schools providing hybrid sessions. The hybrid programs offer online lessons and physical classes during the week for progress review.

While you can study the pre-licensing coursework without seeing the inside of a physical classroom, online learning requires strong self-discipline.

Review the Curriculum

The pre-licensing curriculum is curated by GREC. However, schools will have diverse study plans curated by their team of instructors. Some schools will offer you the basic content, while others go the extra mile with free exam prep materials.

Look for schools that offer more than just notes and lecture videos. Live webinars and seminars from ATL’s real estate industry experts can make a world of difference. Such sessions also provide the perfect platform for networking.

Wrapping Up

The most expensive real estate school in ATL isn’t always the best. Online programs are relatively cheaper than attending in-person classes at your local college. Don’t be afraid to compare costs and inquire about financial aid options. This is an investment into your future, and you must get it right.