Mobile Native Advertising Basics for Success

Mobile Native Advertising Basics

Mobile Native Advertising is defined as a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience. Thank you PubNative  for the awesome infographic!

Mobile Native Advertising Basics infographic


Publishers from all application verticals are able to integrate multiple customized ad units as defined by the IAB and MMA, as well as custom recommendation widgets for the mobile web.

Some examples of Mobile native units:

  • In-feed content
  • In-feed Commerce
  • In-feed Social
  • In-game
  • Recommendation Widget

Mobile native advertising is a global enterprise. Worldwide, revenue is projected to grow at over 70% per year, exceeding $50 billion by 2020. These five personas illustrate where and how people see mobile native adverts.

Business Professional
Starts the day by reading the news and drinking coffee. He sees an article on the Chinese economy suggested to him via an in-feed content ad on his news app. A key part of his day is organizing his team. On his to-do list app he encounters a recommendation for another productivity app to download After a long day, he uses a taxi app to look for transport home and sees a recommendation for a restaurant nearby.

Gen X Mom
At 9AM, she uses a shopping app to order more diapers for her baby and finds a new pushchair suggested to her via an in-feed commerce ad. When deciding where to meet friends, she selects a new cafe from a recommendation in her phone map.
She finds a recipe for a healthy and nutritious meal for her family suggested to her through an in-feed content ad in a cookery app.

Millenial Gamer
On his way to school, he plays games on his smartphone. In the game, he sees an ad for a similar game that he then downloads.
At 5PM, he messages some friends on a social media app to invite them over for dinner and sees a suggestion for a new chat app in his feed. When his friends come over, he sees a recommendation for a nearby pizza place in his food delivery app.

To stay up to date with trends, she uses a fashion app. Whilst browsing, she finds an article on next season’s styles recommended to her via an in-feed content ad. After lunch, she texts friends to plan a shopping trip and discovers a recommendation for a new shopping centre via an in-feed social ad in her social media app. Whilst out with her friends, Anna uses a shopping app to check shoe sizes at a nearby store and sees an in-feed commerce ad for another pair that she wants

Music Enthusiast
He spends his mornings streaming songs through his music app. In his favorite playlist he discovers new tracks offered to him via sponsored in-feed content. At 6PM, he checks an events app for club and live music listings in Berlin. In the app he sees a recommendation for a new club opening in his area. Later, he uses a social app to chat with his friends to plan when they will meet at the new club and finds a transport app via in-feed advertising.

Native is booming and the majority of marketers are making the switch to mobile native ads. The benefits of native ads are proven.