8 Productivity Hacks from Linkedin Influencers

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Does it feel like you are running on a hamster wheel every day? Break free from you inefficient work habits with these 8 productivity hacks from Linkedin Influencers:
Linkedin Influencer Productivity Hacks


Don Peppers – No matter what time zone I’m in, before the workday begins I get up and work out.”

Kevin Chou“I hold daily stand-ups for my team every morning”

Charles Best – “Learn these keyboard commands for mac users or PC users and you’ll save enough time to watch an entire season of Mad Men”

Ilya Pozin – “Schedule specific times during your day to check your email and only check it then”

Richard Branson“Manage your mobile, don’t let is manage you.”

Gary Shapiro “I remove myself from one email list every day”

Peter Greenberg “Book cheaper airfare: Buy your ticket on a Wednesday at 1am”

Sallie Krawcheck – “I work when others sleep”

Types of Hacks Employed

  • Thinking/Planning
  • Analog
  • Digital Hardware
  • Gleaned from Media
  • Digital Software
  • Behavior Change
  • Sharing Economy
  • Inventions/Adaptations
  • Learning from Others
  • Organizational Structure