8 Productivity Hacks from Linkedin Influencers

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Does it feel like you are running on a hamster wheel every day? Break free from you inefficient work habits with these 8 productivity hacks from Linkedin Influencers:
Linkedin Influencer Productivity Hacks


Don Peppers – No matter what time zone I’m in, before the workday begins I get up and work out.”

Kevin Chou“I hold¬†daily stand-ups for my team every morning”

Charles Best – “Learn these keyboard commands for mac users or PC users and you’ll save enough time to watch an entire season of Mad Men”

Ilya Pozin – “Schedule specific times during your day to check your email and only check it then”

Richard Branson“Manage your mobile, don’t let is manage you.”

Gary Shapiro¬†“I remove myself from one email list every day”

Peter Greenberg “Book cheaper airfare: Buy your ticket on a Wednesday at 1am”

Sallie Krawcheck – “I work when others sleep”

Types of Hacks Employed

  • Thinking/Planning
  • Analog
  • Digital Hardware
  • Gleaned from Media
  • Digital Software
  • Behavior Change
  • Sharing Economy
  • Inventions/Adaptations
  • Learning from Others
  • Organizational Structure