5 Tips to Optimize Tweets for Brands Presence

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Optimize Your Tweets for Maximum Brands Presence

Twitter has over 500 million daily tweets from 317 million active users of which 80% are tweeting and consuming content from the mobile devices. With the rise of mobile, Twitter is a powerful and scale-able platform for marketers to generate and convert leads.

Ready for Takeoff Twitter

Infographic Summary:

  1. Be direct: Tweets with less than 100 characters can increase engagement by 17%
  2. Shorten URL’s: Tweets with shortened links are better at engaging followers.Use URL shorteners to make your content cleaner. Focus on important details rather than URL’s.
  3. Use fewer hashtags: Integrating just 1-2 hashtags boosts engagement by 21% Limit your use of hashtags to only the appropriate ones. Stop overusing hashtags!
  4. Input actionable words: Words like “download” and “sign up now” boost click-through rates by 13%. Offer incentives in your call to action to stir interest. Treat tweets as eye-catching headlines
  5. Respond quickly: 53% of users who voice concerns expect a reply within an hour. Pay attention to your notifications and eply as soon as possible. Engage regularly to keep the momentum up.

Take to the skies with Tweets

Stay on top of the latest trends, beat the competition with content that’s timely, relevant and concise. Optimize your tweets to amplify your brand presence.