6 Digital Marketing Tactics to Showcase Landscaping Products

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People tend to shop with their eyes due to today’s digital world. However, when focusing on unique items such as landscaping products, it may be hard to come up with ideas on how to get them seen by potential customers. Here are six digital marketing tactics to showcase landscaping products.

1- Display Quality Photos

When searching for a service or product, the company’s website is the first place most people go. Here is the best place to showcase your landscaping products. Make sure pictures are good quality and descriptions are concise and clear. Pictures of products in use are advantageous. If you sell decorative pavers, show them out in a yard.

2- Add a Blog

Blogs have a two-fold purpose. First, they are a great way to establish yourself as an authority in thelandscaping industry. Second, blogs are a place to highlight products. For example, you can showcase AquaRockBags in a blog by explaining how they are eco-friendly, prevent soil and water erosion, and more.

3- Send Old Fashion Emails

Do people still read emails? Yes, they do, especially if they are interested in that business. Do not inundate a customer with several products or too much information. Keep marketing emails short and timely. If it is a spring email, showcase products a client or customer would need. Do not forget to include a call to action. Include a coupon or even a spring clean-up to-do guide featuring some of your best landscaping products.

4- Utilize Social Media

How many hours do you spend scrolling on your favorite social media sites and looking at other people’s products? Well, it is time for people to scroll to see your products. What social media platforms should you use? They all have their positive and negative sides. If your social media target is younger customers, Instagram and TikTok are the platforms to use. Reels and videos are great tools for revealing products. A Facebook page is still relevant, especially among older generations.

5- Have a Google Business Profile

The Google Business Profile is often not utilized but is a valuable tool. Not only will having your business show up on the local map result help in driving traffic to your business but there are other advantages. For instance, there is a product section. Users can link their business website pages or blogs. There is a place for photos and videos. It is a great way to show off your products.

6- Ask for Customer Reviews

Before most people consider a purchase or request a service, they head to the online reviews. The more positive reviews for a product, the more people will be willing to purchase that product. There are several ways to get reviews. Make sure to provide a business card or information after each purchase. Send a personalized email asking for a review of a product. Make it simple for the customer by providing them with a link. Ask for product reviews on your Facebook page or other social media sites. Happy customers are usually more than willing to write a product review; ask them.