Admitad Ad Network Review

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Admitad is a trusted Global Affiliate Network founded in 2009 and based in Germany. They specialize in Affiliate Marketing, CPA, CPI, Mobile Traffic, Cross-device tracking, Finance, Travel, Cross-border sales, E-commerce, Online games.

Admitad knows that is is important to educate their clients and have created the Admitad Academy in 2018. This education project for advertisers and publishers has 30k+ monthly website visits, 190+ articles and 60+ webinars in over 5 languages.

Admitad for Advertisers

Admitad offers their advertiserss predictable, transparent, measurable, and scalable way of promotion. They help their publishers launch and promote affiliate program’s and They closely will advise to optimize traffic types, rates and moderation.


Transparency is one of the most important policies for Admitad. Admitad advertisers know their corresponding publishers and ad inventory. Admitad publishers commonly are large reputable publications.. From day one Admitad was launched, they have been introducing advertisers and publishers to better develop close business relationships

Professional Partners

Admitad has been involved with CPA marketing for almost a decade. Their vast database has been accumulated over years including loyalty programs from leading banks and airlines, large cashback services and coupon spaces, major content platforms, and influencers.

Traffic Quality Control

Fraud control is a substantive issue for Advertisers that work with affiliate marketing. To monitor fraud, Admitad has developed their own in-house tools.

Admitad for Publishers

With over 1600 advertisers, publishers looking to earn money online and build a new business model can work with Admitad. They provide all the essential tools, technologies, access to offers in varous market segments, on time payment and quick technical support.

From 2017-2018, Admitad has grown their publisher base by 30% and work with top tier publishers such as, Emirates, Shein and AliExpress. Admitad supports its publishers by realizing that publishers have individual priorities and goals. They are continually expanding their reach around the world, enabling each publisher to grow steadily.

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